Your Big, Loveable Newfoundland Deserves A Better Bed

Sweet, Devoted, and Patient: Spotlight On The Newfoundland Dog The Newfoundland is a great, strong dog breed lovingly named after the Canadian province where many were used as working dogs to pull nets for fishermen, or to haul timber across large expanses of terrain. They made for the ideal working dog because they were so[…]

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Regardless Of Size, Mammoth Has A Bed For Your Large Dog

Should You Buy A Large Or Extra Large Dog Bed? What’s The Difference? In the past, it was very difficult to find pet beds for larger dog breeds – especially if you didn’t know where to look. Not realizing that there was actually an abundance of choice, many people didn’t know how to choose the[…]

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This Valentine’s Day, Treat Your Dog To A New Mammoth Bed

Show Your Dog Just How Much You Love Him This Valentine’s Day This is the time of year that romantic comedies flood our television sets, store fronts are adorned in pink and red, love is in the air. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love! More than anything it’s about celebrating the special relationships[…]


A Mammoth Bed Is A Solid Gift Idea For Your Irish Wolfhound

Spotlight On The Irish Wolfhound: How A Mammoth-Sized Bed Can Help Your Mammoth-Sized Friend The Irish Wolf Hound is one of the Europe’s oldest dog breeds, once used to hunt wolves for their fur. It is also deemed by the American Kennel Club to be the tallest of all dog breeds! Irish Wolfhounds are praised[…]