Before You Get A Big Dog Get A Big Dog Bed At Mammoth Outlet

Looking To Get A Large Dog? Here’s The Starter Pack!

The “Starter pack” (sometimes called the starter kit) is a funny Internet meme that’s been going around, consisting of a series of panels meant to illustrate a certain type of person – for instance, in this starter kit list, the “college kid starter pack” consists of instant ramen, Netflix and an empty wallet! It’s all meant to be in good fun, but we figured we’d take the idea a little bit more seriously (well not totally seriously) and put together what we consider a good starter pack for those looking to bring a big dog into their family. Aside from our Mammoth Outlet large dog beds we’ll also look at some other necessities for keeping your friendly giant happy, healthy and relaxed.

We can all agree that the last thing you want is for your big dog to start chewing up the furniture, so it’s imperative that you get her some chew toys and brain toys, that way her mouth and her brain stay active and away from your nice stuff. For big dogs, you’re going to want tough, durable toys that will stand up to a lot of heavy chewing. Labs, maybe the most popular dog in the country, are notorious chewers, so do your research and seek out some tough rubber or nylon toys that won’t rip apart after a few months’ use.

We could tell you what kind of food each of us here at Mammoth Outlet give our beloved dogs, but what’s good for ours might not be right for yours, so the next item in your starter pack is a basic one, but a very important one too: your veterinarian’s phone number. Consulting with your vet about diet (amounts and type of food) as well as any health related issues like coughing (could be the dreaded kennel cough!) is one of the first, most important parts of being a dog owner. You want to get off on the right foot health-wise, and one of the best ways to do that is to forge a relationship with a vet you trust and don’t be shy about your inquiries.

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And speaking of health, we at Mammoth Outlet are obviously very invested in the wellbeing of your pooch during their downtime – one the necessities you’ll need, in order to keep a large dog healthy and happy, is a comfortable, clean bed with orthopedic qualities. We carry beds in a wide array of sizes, from small dog beds to extra large dog beds and even beds for specific breeds. Mammoth Outlet dog beds come apart easily, so they can be taken on vacation, meaning your big dog can enjoy a weekend up at the cottage with the creature comforts of home, and since our beds are washer and dryer safe, it can remain clean and free of dander. But where a big dog will really benefit from a Mammoth Outlet dog bed is in its orthopedic qualities; because big dogs are more prone to joint issues, they need a bed with support, something that our dog beds deliver. Also, because big dogs tend to be such heavy chewers (a fact we established above) we’ve made all our beds with strong, upholstery grade coverings that can stand up to even the most playful pups.

Other than those three all-important necessities, your starter pack still requires some odds and ends. You’ll obviously need a comfortable leash, as well as some (environmentally friendly) poop bags; tight-fitting storage containers for food and treats, and a place up high where you can store them (a big dog left alone and in want of treats can be very persistent); clipper so you can clip your big dog’s nails every now and again (beats taking them somewhere to have it done); and stainless steel food and water bowls that won’t get completely destroyed by your excited dog.

We’ve probably forgotten a few things here or there, but overall we think that’s a pretty darn good starter pack for any prospective big dog owner, or even anyone who has a big dog but has maybe overlooked a thing or two that they need. We care about your pooch at Mammoth Outlet, which is why we throw all the best quality material in with the best research to make our dog beds for your large dog to enjoy.


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