Are You And Your Pup Ready For Cottage Season And Summer Fun?

The warm weather is certainly on its way and mostly already here, and for many that means heading to the cottage to relax, perhaps throw out a fishing rod or have good old-fashioned barbecue cookout. Of course, people aren’t the only ones who enjoy a trip up to the cottage: all that great outdoors is heaven to a dog. Yes, dogs love the cottage just as much as we do, but taking them up means paying a little extra attention to their surroundings, including their leash, medication, food, and of course their beds.

The first thing you’ll want to pack is one of our comfortable Mammoth Dog Beds for your pooch, as they are going to need a place to rest their head after a long day chasing squirrels, eating bugs and trying to drink lake water. You might wonder whether you even need to bring a dog bed, but you definitely should bring one; dogs are creatures of habit, and new places can be a little overwhelming, so having something from home, something that smells like them and is comfy to lay on, is very important. Especially after that long, bumpy car ride.

After a long day, your dog will be, well, dog-tired (pardon the pun) and so it’s good to set up a quiet area in which they can take respite. Cottages aren’t all fancy, and some still maintain a cold hard ground, which can be hard on your dog’s joints, especially if they are large or old. If you don’t already have a Mammoth Outlet dog bed, come check out our site – we have beds listed by size and breed, so if you’re looking, for example, for the best extra large dog beds for a Boxer, you’ll find it quickly and easily.

Another great thing about a Mammoth Outlet bed is that it comes apart easily, which serves a dual purpose. On the one hand, the fact that it easily disassembles is a major plus when packing up the car. While other dog beds can be unwieldy to transport, taking up lots of space and blocking the driver’s view out the back window, a Mammoth dog beg can be neatly filed away in the trunk. The other reason that this feature is so useful is because it makes the bed easy to clean. If your dog is like most other dogs, it is going to get awfully dirty out there in nature, and that is dirt that it will drag right back to its bed. With our dog beds, you simply take the inner pillow out, remove the outer ring and pop it into the wash. It’s 100% machine washable and dryable, meaning that you don’t have to take that dirt back home with you.

Lastly, the reason why you want to bring the perfect dog bed for your dog up to the cottage is because it’s durable. Your dog will likely be worked up while you’re at the cottage, which means they’ll probably be hard on the bed. Mammoth dog beds stand up to even the most stubborn dogs, so there will be no problem there!

dog jumping on grass

Aside from a bed, it’s also incredibly important before you go to the cottage that you get your dog their tick medication. Ideally, you want to be up-to-date on all your pooch’s vaccines, but ticks are the big one, especially in cottage country where they are multitudinous. The Lyme disease that the ticks carry can be fatal, so it’s very important to talk to your vet about tick prevention. There are also tick collars and shampoos out there that are worth looking into, and, of course, if all else fails, you can learn how to painlessly remove a tick from your dog.

You’ll also want to pack a “doggy suitcase”, complete with their meals for the time you’re there (plus a little extra just in case), whatever medicine they might need, a few choice toys and a long leash. The last item can be cobbled together using a length of rope and their regular leash – it gives them the freedom to roam around eating mosquitos and taking in the fresh air, without the risk of them running off.

With all that in mind, you’re ready to relax. All you have to do is keep one on them while you sit back with a cold drink and enjoy those beautiful cottage sunsets!