Best Innovation for Animal Health Product

Dog Wheelchair

The Walkin’ Wheels™ for Handicapped Pets received the award for Best Innovation in the Category of Animal Health and Integration of Pets in Society at the Mascota Pet Show that was held last month in Barcelona, Spain.  Mascota is Spain’s top trade fair for pets that attracts thousands of manufacturers, distributors, salespeople, veterinarians and animal lovers.

This prestigious national award, which was sponsored by the Spanish Small Animals Veterinary Association, recognizes the quality, the role played by research, and the originality of products and accessories for pets. 



Destructive Behaviour Is Easy to Fix Once You Know The Reason.

The most common complaint with young dogs is destructive behavior. Destructive behavior is usually an easy problem to solve because it is directly related to supervision. When a dog is with you, he’ll consistently be reprimanded when he picks up your belongings and SHOULD be consistently rewarded for playing with his own toys. When you dog is not with you, he can be safely confined in a puppy proof area of your home or yard. If you are gone for long periods of time you may have difficulty confining the dog adequately while still providing sufficient exercise and enrichment. Consider having a dog walker come during the day or installing a dog run or enrolling your dog in day care at a kennel that can provide a stimulating environment for a growing dog.

There are many reasons a dog may destroy your belongings. […]


Three Ways To Stop Your Dog From Barking

There are several reasons why your dog barks. You must distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate barking to properly teach your dog to stop only when he shouldn’t bark. If your house is being robbed and you’ve scared the bark out of your dog he’s not going to be very good at alerting you to trouble.

Dogs bark for all kinds of reasons: aggression, defending their territory, to sound the alarm, to get their needs met, to get attention, and boredom. It is this boredom barking (barking for no good reason) that we want to stop, right? Before you do anything else, find out why your dog is barking. If he needs something (food, water, shelter, to be let outside) make sure he has it and doesn’t have to ask. Basic essentials should never be withheld from your dog!



Collars vs Harnesses

Many new dog owners are now using harnesses as opposed to collars now. Those that choose to, agree that harnesses are safer for the dog and give no danger of choking the dog or yanking it too hard. However, many dog owners still use collars as a means of keeping their dog in line and[…]