Dog Bed Reviews

“We Know What Your Dog Needs”

Leslie from Pennsylvania writes:

I have had my extra large oblong bed for over a week now….my 2 labs are absolutely are going nuts for it! They won’t get out of it! They won’t get up for breakfast! (Who knows Labs who don’t want to eat???) I am going to have to get another one because they are practically fighting over it! Great product, I WILL be a repeat customer!

Margaret from New York writes:

Lots of beds to choose from, but I am so glad I purchased a Mammoth. I ordered the extra large for my German Shepherd and he loves it. I can’t get him off the pillow at dinner time. He just looks at me funny. I recommend a Mammoth dog bed to any breeder or person because it is really worth every dime. The value is so great compared to some other beds I have purchased in the past. I want to use it myself, with the dog. Don’t settle for anything else. Trust me.

Kristin from Georgia writes:

I have two dogs, a lab and lab mix.  I recently ordered two of your beds–the large and the XL oblong, since my dogs have different sleeping styles.  They love them! I am very impressed with the excellent quality of the beds, they are so thick and plush I could sleep in them myself!  They are also very attractive and look great anywhere in the house.  In addition, Mammoth customer service is exceptional.  You promptly answered many of my questions via email before ordering, and the beds arrived quickly. Thanks again! Kristin

Jan from New Hampshire writes:

Dear Mammoth, everything you advertised is true, but most of all, THE DOGS LOVE THE BED!!!!, I just ordered a second. I ordered one to try and have sent lesser beds back, at my great expense. I have two labs, 80 and 90 lbs. The large size has plenty of room for them. Finally, a great dog bed. I am impressed with the
quality of the fabric and especially the construction.  Sincerely Jan, Spike and Sunny

2 Years later……………..THE

DOG COUCH IS JUST THE BEST!!!–two labs and a beagle are happily nestled in their new dog furniture. The colors are very rich and the construction is as sturdy
as the original donut beds which I have put in their entirety into the washer many times.  They are now 2 years old – and still going strong. This foam bed pad is very thick and very supportive. Much more than I expected, and it looks great in the living room. The best part is that the dogs have their own couch!

Thank you again………Jan,
Spike, Sunny and Misty

Liz from Connecticut writes:

My 80lb Golden Retriever  doesn’t like any bed but mine. My couch, my bed— However, life has changed since I got my fabulous Mammoth dog bed in size Large.  I trained her to use it by making her get in it to get her dog biscuit, and by the second day, she was going in on her own. Now she wags her tail whenever I bring it into the room.  I am so satisfied with my purchase I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has a big dog who wants comfort. I would do anything for my little girl and I am so happy that you made this fabulous product.

Laura from Michigan writes:

We just received the two extra large oblong dog beds that we ordered for our 165lb St. Bernard, Jake, and am SO pleased at the pure quality of your dog beds.
Not only is it the perfect size for him (with plenty of room for him to sprawl out) but the generous foam filling and canvas cover is superior!! As we were taking the bed out of the box, Jake basically wrestled us as he couldn’t wait to lay on it. It’s so nice to have finally found a good quality, well constructed dog bed that will accommodate such a large dog. I must say that I was so amazed at the wonderful, thick foam filling that I had to lay on it just to see what it was like…it was wonderful and Jake loves them, too! We look forward to doing repeat business with you!!

Tenisci from Pennsylvania writes:

Thank you for the excellent product you’ve created. My mastiffs LO-O-O-VE their Mammoth,  and I fully intend to order more. Thanks again.

Linda from Alberta writes:

I just got my Mammoth dog beds on Friday and they are GREAT!!!  Wow…they are very well made and have lots of padding.  I have a Standard Schnauzer and a
Bullmastiff and they both enjoy sleeping on their beds.  Thanks again….great product….great price.

Liana from Maryland writes:

After buying several $40 chew toys, I finally broke down and bought a nice bed for my 70lb pit bull. He hasn’t exactly been kind to
his last 3 beds, but I gave it a shot in the spirit of the season. He loves his bed! I thought I would have to wean him out of sleeping in ours and to get him off the couch, and we never even had to tell him. As soon as we pulled it out of the box, he got right in it and fell asleep. Now we have to carry it upstairs every night before bed, and downstairs in the evenings when we are watching TV! He won’t leave it! What a great purchase, I will soon be looking to get another
one so I don’t have to carry it everywhere!

Renee from Florida writes:

I have an English Mastiff and a Lab mix and own 2 beds already. I just ordered 2 more for our cabin. The quality is phenomenal and I really like the velcro closures…what a great idea eliminating the zipper. Who wants to lay on that? They disassemble and reassemble in a snap and launder beautifully. When the dogs aren’t underfoot I know exactly where to find them – in their beds! A bonus I didn’t expect was the they don’t try and climb on the furniture anymore because they have a comfortable place of their own. I only wish you made more pet products…
With Regards,
Renee, Henry & Louise

Samantha from New Hampshire writes:

Mammoth,— Just a note to say “Thank you”, my Abby 90llbs German Shepherd is extremely happy with her bed. I got her the  XL Oblong with the 6 Inch Foam. The quality is great. Thanks again for a great product. I am spreading your name around among my Animal friends….Thanks
again, Samantha  & Abby

Annette from Ohio writes:

I am owned by three dogs. I purchased the XL Oblong for my Rottie who has problems with her hips and back. She loves your bed! My Golden Ret puppies love sleeping on it too. So I ordered two additional beds so the puppies will have their own Mammoth! Your service is so fast. Mammoth is a super product that I will recommend to all my “dog loving” friends!

Stevie from Texas writes:

I received the bed, and my dog LOVES it! I’m so glad I gave it a try. I haven’t been happy with anything else I’ve purchased from any of the pet retail stores. I’m definitely going to recommend this bed to all my pet-loving friends.


Whitney from Ohio writes:

I bought a Mammoth XL Oblong for our 110 lb. Great Dane, Davey; he loves it!  We have purchased other “big dog” beds but they don’t seem to last (or he’s hanging off of them!).  The Mammoth is holding up great, and most importantly Davey doesn’t want to get out of it!  He was climbing in before I had the whole thing out of the box.  I would definitely recommend a Mammoth bed to anyone, especially a Dane owner.  (he has room to spare).  We will be ordering another one soon for the other level of the house so Davey is comfortable everywhere!

Lynne from Cape Cod writes:

Hi I’m Lynne from Cape Cod and I just bought two for my Rhodesian Ridgeback (one for home and one for work). Ten minutes after I opened the box she was
sound asleep. The beds quality is mountains above any others I have bought and I love the Velcro closure system, very sensible.

Liz from Iowa writes:

Thanks for your reply. My dog does love the bed. He never goes into the bedroom to sleep until I am ready to go. However, yesterday was the first day he
got his bed, and he completely slept all night. He snuck off to the bedroom and cuddled down in his new bed! And it took a lot of prodding to get him out of the bed this morning! He

Jodie from California writes:

I just received my dog’s bed and have to say that I would like to use it myself. It is so comfortable.

Alex from Utah writes:

My dog loves his Mammoth, every time I come home from work, Jasper seems so content and happy on his bed

Lisa from Alabma writes:

I bought my basset Gilligan a Mammoth when I adopted him and he absolutely LOVES it! If I clean it he gets on the inner cushion until the outer part is cleaned….I
was mopping the floor Sunday and had it on the bed. He came in looking for it…I’m going to order my other basset Clifford one too. They are the
greatest beds! I like how the inner pillow can be removed for travel. Lisa

Miranda from Tennessee writes:

My Newfoundlander can’t get enough of his bed, he insists we take it to the cottage. I love it because the XXL is  very easy to wash and
maintain. I will definitely order another one for my office.

John from Pennsylvania writes:

The bed is awesome. I have never seen a bed like this before. It is really good quality and for sure over stuffed to the max.

Bridget from UK writes:

Would recommend to anyone who has a dog with hip dysplasia or joint problems. Can’t get a bed like this one anywhere!

Janet from CA writes:

Hi…I just had to write to tell you how much our yellow Labrador, Bailey, loves her new Mammoth bed. It arrived yesterday and I barely got it out of the box and on the living room floor before she crawled in, sniffed around and snuggled in for a three hour nap! She loves it! Her old bed is a small, matted and smelly thing and I’m thrilled to be tossing it in the trash for good. Only  Mammoth beds for Bailey!
Thank you!

Wanda from Canada writes:

The dogs love their bed. I had no problems using the website and the service was excellent. That is why I reorder time and time again and recommend any Mammoth product to any dog owner.

Breeder from Canada writes:

Dogs really enjoy the beds, I finally got them off my bed!

Vet from Canada writes:

Fantastic product, great design for older dogs, my mastiff uses one all the time!

Jane from Canada writes:

Wow ! Are we impressed with the quality and easy shipping process of the mammoth dog bed. We shopped at leading Pet stores for a bed for our new
Goldendoodle but nothing compares to the excellent workmanship and material of the mammoth. Your web site is excellent and lives up to every claim. I will definitely rave to friends.

Marcie from Indiana writes:

Can’t believe the price for such good quality. I will order a second one for my friends lab  as a gift.

Charlotte from Florida writes:

Snoopy loves his bed and takes it everywhere he goes. Great durability. I can’t get him off of it.

Joanne from UK writes:

Mammoth offers great customer support and I truly had a wonderful experience. Not like some I know. I will order again.

Albert from Texas writes:

I use my bed in the car and the cats all like it too. Ben won’t get off the bed, he loves it.

Lily form Oregon writes:

Just wanted to let you know that my dog bed arrived yesterday and my dog LOVES it!! She was trying to lay on it before we could even get the
pillow inside the ring!Thank you very much.

Michelle from B.C. writes:

Hi, my arthritic (but energetic) Lab Cross Keta loves his mammoth bed! It’s the perfect place to rest his weary bones and the first place he goes after a walk, hike or
drive. The bed is easy to transport and a breeze to clean – very durable too! We recommended it to a few friends who have purchased beds as well. It’s so nice to
find such a wonderful, quality product. Thank you.

Gail from N.Y. writes:

Dear Mammoth, I’m not one for writing letters, but after receiving my Mammoth X-Large big breed dog bed, I just had to let you know how much my 4 dogs love it. We have two Great Danes and two Boston Terriers. Sometimes, they are all on it at the same time. It’s by far the largest bed I have ever bought for my dogs. (and I have bought many) I have to say the most impressive thing about the bed, is how it washes. I washed it for the first time and it washed up like new. My husband actually asked me if I bought another bed! It looks wonderful! Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

Peter from U.K. writes:

Hello, Just to say that the ‘mammoth’ dog’s bed arrived today and I am extremely pleased with it. It looks well made, is washable, and is easy to take apart. Not only that, but my dog took to it straight away and I can’t get her off it! Many thanks

Katie from M.A. writes:

This is the best quality bed I have ever seen! I have a shar-pei/ golden retriever mix and I can’t tell you how much she loves it. When packages come to the house she gets all excited running around, licking my face because 99% of the time they are for her. Well it took me about 10+min to get it out of the box (ha, I can’t imagine how you guys fit that in there) and she LOVED it, The material is strong and durable and washes so easily. Everything just velcro’s off to go in the wash. When I was shopping for a dog bed that’s exactly what I was looking for. She’s a big drooler and leaves trails EVERYWHERE, especially on her bed, so
being able to just throw it in the wash is the best thing. We’ve had the bed for about 6 months now -none of her old beds lasted that long!!! I love all the options for different colors, it would be impossible for someone not to find one that would fit their décor! Even after 6 months of use the bed is still as fluffy as it was day 1! Can’t thank you enough! I tell everyone how great your beds are! Thanks again!

Karen from N.Y. writes:

I have just placed an order for a second bed so my new lab puppy can have his own. I have a 6 month old and a 2 month old lab and they are both in love with the bed I already have. I am too – it comes apart easily and washes and dries like a dream and goes back together without a struggle. I can’t wait for the
second bed to arrive because right now if I want to move the bed from one room to another, I have to sneak up on it because if the little guy
sees about to be taken away, he scurries to get on it so it won’t move. This was one of the very best investments I’ve made and I’m anxiously
awaiting Bed No. 2. I’ve also recommended it to other dog owners without hesitation. Go ahead, get one – you’ll be happy you did.

Nancy from N.M. writes:

I ordered three large dog beds P 34 microfiber which arrived yesterday as I was told they would. The color is not what I expected but it is nonetheless perfect. The beds are great, better than I expected and my three dogs settled right of them still trying out all three to the consternation of the other two “owners”. The washability of the entire beds was my reason for going with Mammoth. I didn’t expect them to be beautiful as well. Thank you for the fine workmanship! I will be
ordering three more as the dogs sleep in my bedroom at night.

Katie from Massachusetts writes:

Wow, what a great bed, more than I could have asked for. I’ve had the bed now for about 6 months and looks brand new when it comes out of the wash. This is a great quality, long lasting bed that I just can’t say enough great things about. It’s still lofty, and none of her past 3 (in a year’s time) can say that. Plus you guys have so many great colors and patterns to choose from, everyone is sure to find one that will match their style and furniture. She loves her bed! Thank you so much for
making such a great, easy to clean bed. She’s a big drooler because of her shar-pei jowls so a bed that can be thrown in the wash is a must!

Thank you from Heidi in  IL:

We are getting a new member to the family this Saturday and I am ordering our 2nd Mammoth bed. Her sister, Lacey LOVES hers and I never even looked anywhere else when I found out I needed another bed. I just came right back to your site! Thanks for a Great Product! We really feel we got a lot for our money…finally, something actually worth every penny spent! Hope you are around for a long, long, time!

Thank you from Lisa and Ned:

I just wanted to say thank you for a really great bed. Ned, our 80lbs greyhound is very particular about where he sleeps (it must be soft and comfortable) and he just loves his new XL oblong bed. We often find him turned completely upside down, fast asleep. It is now a real struggle to get him out of bed in the mornings!
Thanks again for such a great product.

Laura from CA writes:

Just received my extra large dog bed, I can’t believe the quality. My dogs love it and will not get out to eat when called. Mammoth’s new design just rocks. I would recommend this bed to anyone with a dog. You really do get superior value for your money. Trust me.

Eve from IL writes:

Many thanks for an outstanding product! After spending so much money on other dog beds that promised to be “waterproof”, I was skeptical about Mammoth but ordered anyway. I am so glad I did! Not only are the beds totally waterproof, my dogs are comfortable in them. They wash and dry like a dream and come out looking new time and time again. Since my older dog is sometimes incontinent at night, these beds are in the washer 2-3 times a week. Mammoth dogs beds are worth every penny, and then some. Thank you!

Lisa from WA writes:

I just bought my Labrador (Kaiya) your extra large pet bed with microfiber fabric! My fiance was amazed at the quality of the bed… as well as I was. I LOVED the color, it matches Kaiya perfectly, as she is a red/yellow lab. She took to her bed right away, she knew it was all hers, although my fiancé seemed pretty jealous because he loved laying on it too. 😉 She loves her bed and lays down on it even before we go to bed. She doesn’t even try to get on our bed now, as she has her own special place! I would STRONGLY suggest this bed to any dog owner. In fact after we breed Kaiya, we are planning on keeping one of the pups, and the first
thing the little pup will have when it comes out is one of your fabulous beds. Thank you… thank you for your wonderful product.

Heidi from CA writes:

Hello, I just want to thank you! The large dog bed arrived yesterday for our 110 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Chester, that has been taking over our bed. My husband and I were hoping and praying that your dog bed would be the cure for Chester’s invasion of our bed. It’s been months since we’ve had a good nights sleep. Well, it worked! Your dog beds are so comfortable that Chester slept soundly and so did we!. We can’t thank you enough for your high quality product that has now
changed our life for the better. I’m telling all of my friends about you.
Heidi and Peter

Pete writes:

We are extremely Happy with the quality and service you have provided. What a great product for the money. Zeke(our 1 1/2 year old black lab) loves his couch dog
bed. I think the only thing that would make him happier is if I put his new bed up next to me on my bed.
Thanks much, Pete
P.S. We will be a repeat customer

Beverly from NM writes:

I just received the Extra Large Dog Bed for my 9 1/2 year old Rot and she laid down on it and has not moved off of it even while I moved it to its new location…she is over 100lb’s so not an easy task….buy this for your large dog…room to spread and support…thank you for making a bed like this.

Karen from AZ writes:

I have two Great Danes and cannot find a bed that was comfortable for them. Brutus was not sleeping through the night and wanted outside to bark at 3 and 4,5 AM. Since I’ve gotten the XL Dog Couch, he sleeps though the night. I THANK YOU for the wonderful dog bed and my neighbors thank you too. I laid on the dogs bed too and they are nicer then my bed. I will tell all my dog loving friends about your wonderful company. Thank You very much … Brutus & Xander

Frieze from CA writes:

Sandi’s bed was a purchase from you guys, which she dearly loved as she slept in on the weekends in it! The orthopedic bed was truly helpful towards her,(she was 12 years old, and had creaky bones, so the bed made her feel as royalty). She had made so many poses in her bed sleeping, curling up, coming in from a swim in the
pool, we (the Frieze family) would recommend your dog beds to anyone who really cares for their dog, for the member of their family. I am sorry to say, that about one month ago Sandi passed away from cancer. It was uncomfortable for her, but she did receive comfort in HER bed, thank goodness:)

Susan from PA writes:

I have just received my second Mammoth bed for our new rescue dog and I just wanted to say, first, my current dog absolutely loves his bed–he does in fact prefer to sleep on it instead of our bed and yes, sometimes he doesn’t want to get out of it either!! He also goes to bed much earlier than we do and I always find him curled up in his bed. He uses the bolster for a pillow all the time. Second, I just want to comment on the colors; the beds are actually a much nicer color in real life. I bought the buckskin, which actually looks like Carhart brown and actually looks just like that fabric and I also got the olive green which is a beautiful military olive green. They are really nice beds and wash nicely and I love the fabric–it gets softer and softer with each washing, but it’s tough as well.

Peggy from MD writes:

I ordered the LARGE DOG BED 51-100 lb Capacity (40″x40″) for my Lab. This bed is very durable and high quality. The material is very thick canvas and will last forever. The fabric is a little stiff but after washing it softened up perfect. The outer ring is very sturdy and the bed will stand alonein the middle of the room. I have had pet beds that needed to be proppedagainst a wall in order for the outer pillow to stand-up. I am a doglover and my boys are very spoiled. I only provide the best for them andI can truly say that this is the best bed I have ever purchased. I will be ordering two more for my other boys.

Rick from IL writes:

A couple of years ago I bought a bed for my German Shepherd. I can’t tell you how much, even to this day, that dog treasures that bed. Must be her own kinda heaven away from heaven. anyway, we have since acquired a new kitten. can’t keep him off of it either. He never sleeps more soundly nor relaxed than when on
that bed. It’s amazing. so we’d like to purchase a quality cat bed, similar to my last order. Like I said, when the bed is empty, that’s where the kitten ends up (lol). Even if my shep is on it, he’ll come up and lay down next to her…or maybe depending on their moods, relatively close (lol).

Lucy writes:

My bulldog “Chinook” enjoys his new mammoth bed. (see pic) I have been on the hunt for the “perfect” dog bed, that would support him fully and give him the “outer ring” to rest his head on. Bulldogs love to sleep with their head slightly elevated as it helps them breathe. I’m happy to say I found the perfect bed. Mammoth beds aren’t only the most comfortable beds a dog could wish for, but finally, there is a bed that is also good looking and EASY to care for. After washing it, it looks as good as new. Couldn’t be happier, and Chinook agrees :)…….My German Shepherd “Vic” is getting up there in age and it was important to me to find a bed with
excellent support. (see pic) The mammoth bed is simply wonderful. It couldn’t possibly be more comfortable but on top of that, it is very attractive and taking care of it is a snap. Looks as good as new after washing it. Finally a bed that does it all. Even the price is a dream and add to that the free shipping. Couldn’t be happier with Mammoth beds and Vic agrees whole-heartedly….Thank you

Deborah from CA writes:

Here’s Shrek on his Mammoth   orthopedic dog bed . Until now, we’ve been unable to find a bed large enough for our extra extra large Great Dane!
We added the memory foam insert for the big guy, and he finally has a comfortable bed of his own.
Thank you for making a bed for my 220 lb Shrek!

Barbara from ON writes:

I am delighted with the bed, and am very impressed with the excellent quality and speed of delivery. I will certainly recommend this bed to my friends. Up until now she was always on the couch, now she prefers her new bed… Thank You

Lisa from CT writes:

I have two Labradors and have been looking high and low to find just the right bed. After reading the customer comments , I ordered my first bed (for my Lab mix puppy who likes to sleep on his back). I took the bed out of the box and he’s been curled up in it ever since! I expected him to like it, but I didn’t expect him to be in it as often as he was for the first 18 hours (he barely moved for dinner). I wasn’t sure how he’d like it, but I’m very happy with the loft and the quality
of the fabric and filling. I plan on ordering a waterproof bed for the summer!

Bob from CO writes:

Our Doberman puppy has enjoyed this bed from the start. At first it made a great place to pounce, then he discovered he could bury all his treasures under the center. It has survived the baby teeth and now as you can see he has decided it also makes a great bed. It rates a 10 with
Tazzmans Beau Brumel.

Mikey’s companion writes:

I got Mikey a bed about 6 months ago at the local pet store but it had flattened to almost nothing. Still, being an old guy he slept on it because it at least was softer than the floor. I ordered the extra large bed for my 9 1/2 year old rottweiler. I was so excited when it arrived and when I got it in his room he absolutely LOVED it. He rests much better and there is plenty of room for his little ‘sister’ Leia to nap with him. I will eventually get her one of her own but I don’t think she’ll use it – she and Mikey are inseparable. I’m so glad I happened upon your site and have sent it on to all my dog loving friends. THANKS

Linda from ON writes:

Hello! I just wanted to say I just received the dog bed yesterday and right as we pulled it out of the box it was welcomed by my pack of dogs immediately and they seem to have not gotten off. As a matter of fact as of this moment I’m writing this as they are all fast asleep on it. Goodbye dog crates and Hello Mammoth dog beds. My dogs are customers for life.
Thank you for making dog beds that will withstand years of abuse by my

Andy from SC writes:

We purchased a Large Dog Bed for Napa, our 80lb. 10 month old yellow lab last month. As Napa is a chewer, a destroyer, and a demolisher. I have
gone through two other beds of lower quality. I was HOPING this one would work, and she wouldn’t destroy it overnight. Well, it arrived and she couldn’t wait to try it out. She LOVED it, and after a few futile attacks, she decided this was a keeper and we have been thrilled with it ever since. I plan on getting one for our
bedroom next! I tell everyone I know about these wonderful beds- THANK YOU so much for a wonderful product!!

Sincerely, Andy, Farrah & Napa Ritter

Louise from CA writes:

I bought four 40″ donut dog beds. As you can see, the dogs have taken to them like ducks to water – the fourth big dog is photo-shy! My 13 year old dog is benefiting greatly from her new bed as her hips are getting very stiff. I am very pleased with the beds overall. I have a fifth black “rescue” dog of indeterminate variety who used to sleep on human furniture but now tries to claim one of the big beds for herself. I will have to purchase another for her. Fantastic, thank you.

Donna from SK writes:

I received my mammoth pet bed about 2 months ago now, and it was the best investment I ever made. They are so well made, and soft My Siberian Husky loves it. I love it too, because he is now finally out of my bed and now the only problem I have is he won’t get out of his bed, so I can clean it! I think I need another cover. I’m definitely going to recommend this pet bed to anyone who has a fury
friend. Thank You

Elizabeth from TX writes:

I just bought a Mammoth large couch for my spoiled pack, and I am impressed. Not having a zipper like those “other” beds is so smart!!! Free shipping, yippieeee!! Washable, sweet! The bed was on the floor for 47.3 seconds and I had to break up a mini dog fight!! I guess I will just have to buy another one. And the color is great, it goes perfect with the human decor. I chose terra cotta, it was a little more rusty red than orange, but still lovely. I will recommend Mammoth to all
doggie parents! Attached is a picture of Cleopatra and June Bug on the bed with Teva trying to squeeze on. Then Caesar finally got his turn. They love it and
I can already tell I will buy another one soon. Thanks for a great product!

Louise from MA writes:

Excellent quality, quick delivery, really reasonable price. More important– my Smooth Collie, a stretch-out sleeper, was rubbing her scent all over the bolster before we ever got the rest of the extra large bed out of the box. Your product is far superior to much more expensive offerings from others. It is a pleasure to do business with you. We will be sure to sing your praises among our friends……Louise

Kevin from KS writes:

Dutch, our 81 lb lab mix loves his new bed. Although he was anything but sure about what was going on when we started to move his old, worn down
bed, he soon decided it was ok. His old bed felt just like laying on the hard tile, but the new one is so comfortable that his big (human) brothers have been in it, too. Even though it takes up less room than his old rectangle bed, it’s plenty big enough and much more comfortable. Dutch is quite the power-napper and gives his new large donut Mammoth bed two paws up!

P. S. The great value (yay sales prices!) velcro system, washability,
and free shipping are great, too!

Linda from OR writes:

Hi: I just wanted you to know that I just purchased one of the rectangular donut shaped orthopedic pet beds for my Great Dane in the largest size and he LOVES it! I just got him; and his previous owner allowed him to sleep on the furniture, but he hasn’t even tried to jump on my bed. His dog bed is right next to my bed and he spends all his sleep time on it. The Mammoth Dog Bed is a wonderful product. Thank you.
Linda Brzycki

Jeff from FL writes:

I received my extra-extra large oblong mammoth bed about a week ago and my dogs are going nuts for it! They don’t even want to sleep in my bed anymore! This is truly a great product, and I will definitely only be buying mammoth beds from now on. Thank you Mammoth Beds!

Susan from FL writes:

I just wish I had found your Outdoor XL dog bed a long time ago! My Black and Tan Coonhound/Great Dane mix, (approx. 130 lbs) Bandit, is 10 1/2 years old and had always squished those other dog beds flat. It was almost like no cushion at all. He absolutely LOVES his new bed – he can stretch out and support his head at the same time. The bed is the size of a small life raft so he doesn’t hang off! It makes me smile to see him so comfy now!!

Sue from TX writes:

I just got the navy blue canvas dog beds…WOW All three of my Goldens are now zoned out and so comfortable. I have had similar beds-but never so sturdy. And the immediate claim of comfort by all three on their own separate spaces is a first! I will definitely be back and am a very happy customer! Thank you! This product gets five stars in my book!

Deb from MN writes:

Indy & Marley love the bed. My Siamese twins (they are brothers) do everything together, and this bed is just the right size for them to curl up with each other for a good days nap! Marley is 115 lbs & Indy is 77 lbs and there is plenty of room for both of them!

Grace from OH writes:

Hello, we just received Cleo’s 33×30 oblong bed with 6″ high-density foam pillow with Sherpa. WOW. The fabric (Tartan with black Sherpa) is simply
fantastic; it is a tough fabric yet attractive and looks good in the living room. The humans in the house took turns laying on it and the
consensus is that Cleo now has the most comfortable bed in the house. What an excellent quality bed for such a low price! She was unsure of it at first, but some coaxing onto it and now she just loves it. We ‘almost’ miss her 80lb Boxer self climbing up onto the couch to lie down
on top of us all. The ultimate test is that the couch is free right now,and she still chose her new bed over it instead! The couch is actually without Cleo draped across it – and she never lets the couch go unoccupied! Simply amazing. With her old squished flat non-mammoth bed, she only used it as a last resort. Thank you for such a superlative website with all the information I could possibly want, the vital customer feedback and the very helpful online chat person.

Cleo is so happy and content. As I type this, she is snoring loudly away on her new bed, curled up with her back cradled and her head resting slightly higher on the bolster/ring.

Thanks so much again!

Mary from AZ writes:

I ordered two beds one extra large oblong and a small donut, my American Bulldog will not leave her bed except to eat and take care of business, my Jack Russell is the same way , who would think a JRT would sleep all day. They love I mean LOVE their Mammoth dog beds, I LOVE that they are completely washable, my thanks to you for a great product!!

Heather from AL writes:

I just received my XL oblong bed with memory foam insert and XL double donut sofa bed today and WOW! It was everything that I was hoping for and more. I was very impressed with the service and prompt delivery. Lexi, my 130lbs Bullmastiff took to her new beds right away, she loves the double bolster on the one bed so that she rest her head on it and the support it offers for her back. I will definitely come back for more beds as I have never seen anything comparable locally not only in quality but also nothing comparable in price!!

Jean from VA writes:

Our Buddy is quite a big yellow lab, weighing over 100 lbs. It wasn’t easy finding a bed he would fit on comfortably, but Mammoth beds came thru! He loves his new bed and even eats all his snacks on it. Thank goodness it’s washable! With his hips starting to bother him a bit, we’re thinking of getting another for when he sleeps on our room. Thanks so much for a great product.

Marylyn from CA writes:

Skye’s new bed arrived yesterday afternoon. After putting it together, I put it on the floor and patted it. Skye immediately laid down on it, and has pretty much been there ever since. I think it is a winner. Great quality. Thank you from both of us. Marylyn

Camille writes:

I am so happy I ordered a dog bed from Mammoth! I adopted Wyatt just a few months ago from a high-kill shelter. The poor guy had been through a lot, so naturally I wanted to give him the world, which included my bed! His new Mammoth bed is so comfortable that now we can both have have a good night’s sleep. I think his bed is healing his body and his spirit – and it looks great in my apartment! I am an architect and am very picky about such things. Thanks again – I will be sure to recommend you to all of our new friends at the dog park and daycare.

Andrea from NC writes:

I recently ordered the large oblong dog bed. The bed is well made and durable. My dog loves it and recently our cat has grown fond of it too…. Thanks for making such a fantastic bed that all our pets can enjoy.

Christie from MD writes:

I have tried all types of dog beds and “Captain” (yellow lab) loves his Mammoth Tufted Dog Bed like no other. Your product is exactly what I have been looking for all these years. Captain prefers his new dog bed over the sofa, now that says it all !! Thanks for putting out such a superior product; I will be a repeat customer and sending your link to other dog lovers. Cheers.

Molly writes:

Hi..I just wanted to drop you a tell you how much our Old English Sheepdog “Molly” loves her bed…she was recently diagnosed with moderate hip displacia…and we were heartbroken as she is the best dog ever..We ordered her the bed and it was an instant hit…she looks so comfortable on it and I am happy to say she is doing really well..I know the bed is helping her in more ways than just rest..Thank you so much for making such a great product..we are telling all our friends how great this bed is ..Thanks again ..Mary, Brittany and Molly.

Kristina from NY writes:

Thank you for making such a wonderful bed! My German Shepherd Gretchen has never slept so well. She use to jump up on our bed at night and sleep with us, but she is just too big. Now she never comes up and we have to call her to get out of her bed for breakfast. I got the XL Oblong, she loves to sleep all stretched out, this is the perfect size, unlike all her old beds (that she never slept in) she fits and her head is not hanging on the floor. It is so comfortable my kids like to sit on it. I
have recommended these beds to all my dog loving friends. Thank you, so very much

Linda writes:

I was shopping for dog beds and came across the Mammoth web-site. I was looking for a bed that was well made and looked comfortable and was a good value. I received the first bed last week[Lg.oblong tufted pillow bed] WOW ! This bed is SOOOOO soft and cushy. I’m in the process of adopting 2 rescue shepherds-and I already have 4 cats. Now if I can just get the cats out of the bed! I liked this bed so well that today I ordered a second one. Love the style, excellent construction and material. Also the shipping was FAST! My new dogs are gonna love these beds-maybe they’ll even share with the kitties! Thanks for an OUTSTANDING

Chris writes:

We brought the extra large dog bed (Momouth Original) for our 105lb Bernese Mountain dog, Sierra and she loves it!!!! We are happy that it has replaced the couch as her favorite sleeping place and it is big enough for her to take up her various twisting/turning sleeping positions in complete comfort.

This was a great buy and will be worth it’s weight in gold….. Chris

Randi writes:

customer-service: I ordered the bed via phone with an extremely helpful, knowledgeable representative.
order-on-time: Yes, it arrived in seven days from the date of order in
excellent condition.

The bed I ordered is exceptional. My Saint Bernard Anna Belle absolutely loves her new bed and spends many hours in it. I am so pleased I found your company and am highly recommending it to all of my family and friends.

Diane writes:

I am so happy with the bed i bought from you. I have a 10 month old English bull dog. The only thing she has wrecked is her dog beds. I have spent alot of money thinking i was getting a good bed in the past, only to have her chew them up…. the bed i bought from you is her 4th bed for her. She has a habit of tearing out the zippers. So when i found your bed i was hopeful it would be good. She has one very expensive bed that gives her a very runny nose, but your bed. OMG. THANK YOU… THANK YOU
THANK YOU. She has been sleeping on it during the day in her play pend and also at night in our room and is sleeping like a baby. She loves the bed. She has chewed on the corner, but NOTHING is happening because your bed is made so well.  So i thank you from Elle, so she can sleep a good sleep and have no zippers to bother her!!! I will get a picture to you soon. I just wish there was volume so you could here her snore!!
Thank you again for making such a well built wonderful bed!!!

Brenda writes:

My doberman loves his new large oblong bed with the memory foam insert. He sleeps so deeply and comfortably now. He is so sound asleep he doesn’t here me coming or going in the room and he snores. LOL! The bed has really helped his hip and joint pain. Now he can get out of bed without any discomfort after sleeping in the new bed. Thanks so much for this great item. I am currently picking out a dog couch with the memory foam insert for the living area. I would recommend this bed to anyone. It is great!!!

Abbey writes:

I ordered 2 beds. I have a black lab and an american stafford shire terrior. I love the terrior’s bed and so does she. I ordered a large oblong bed for my lab. But other than that I would definitely recommend these beds to anybody. We used to have cedar chip beds and within a year they both had holes in them and they were gross. After a while, I had washed them too many times and they were falling apart. I did about 3 hours of on-line research before I decided to buy from Mammoth. They definitely have some of the lowest prices. I really like that they guarantee the bed for the life of the dog too! Thank You!

Gerald writes:

We purchased the Mammoth Large Dog Beds 40×40 for our 3 retired racetrack greyhounds 18 months ago and they are the best beds ever! We had been looking for a bed that would provide relief to our dog who had broken his leg at the track before being adopted. This bed is MUCH more comfortable for him that the ones from Orvis or L.L. Bean. And since they are so washable, they are easy to keep fresh.

Yolande Labbe writes:

I have a 16 pound schnauzer and I bought a medium mammoth because we have a friend that comes to visit quite often and sure enough the friend took a liking to it too. It is now a rolling, mouthing and sleeping quarter. My dog has four beds and this is the number one. I wash it every month had it for a year and I see no ware and the color has not even change one bit. At first I thought that I had made a mistake because it is quite big but even when she is alone she stretch almost to the full length of it and she look like she is in heaven. I Thank You

Rick from IL writes:

Just wanted to say to you folks, we’ve had our Mammoth bed for our Shepherd now for around 5-6 years or so. When it has gotten
dirty/stained on the surface, I’ve just been taking a wet washcloth/liquid soap and washing it down. Well the dog had surgery yesterday on her leg, so I thought I’d make an attempt and wash the outer bed cover before she came home.

Man, I feel so stupid, was so freaking easy to take off (lol)…and the
bedding inside was absolutely STAINLESS.

What a great dog bed. We thank you!!

Danette  writes:

My husband and I were hesitant in purchasing a bed for our 8 month old shepherd because she chews up everything. I decided now to go ahead and make the purchase and last night I set up her new mammoth x-lrg bed. First I rolled around in it playing with the pup mainly so my scent would be on the bed and offer her comfort and security, after about 20 minutes I left the room and never heard a sound from her the entire night. When I woke up to my amazement she was still laying in her new bed. This was by far the best purchase I have made for her. LOVE IT!

Lori from FL  writes:

Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed, Ultra comfort & design at an affordable price!
It’s true… My Doberman pup, Jaise, absolutely loves her Mammoth Dog Bed. The construction is superior to all the other beds that I’ve looked at. The unique design keeps its fluffy shape and the fabric is very durable yet still soft and comfortable. Plus, this bed is a breeze to keep clean. I’ve had this bed about three months and I love it as much as the day I received it…Jaise loves it even more!
P.S. Thanks to Mammoth Support Staff for helping me make the perfect fabric choice.

Lindsay writes:

My dog, Naomi, didn’t know what this Extra Large Oblong Bed was at first; she went right past it to her old bed. But after coaxing her onto the Mammoth bed, she pretty much fell on it and fell asleep. She has Hip Displasia, Arthritis, and a lower back problem common in German Shepherds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this comfortable. She actually sleeps on it all night instead of getting up to sleep somewhere else when she gets uncomfortable. And it’s huge! Thanks for such a wonderful product for my ailing dog.

Tasha from Fl writes:

I usually don’t write comments but I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your beds. My dog hated the other low quality beds and wouldn’t stay in them all night. But now our 70 pound dog puts himself to bed about 8 every night and that’s not even our bed time which is 10. Thank you for a high quality bed and we have just ordered a second one for our little 14 pound dog.
Thank You again

Lynette and Andrew writes:

Hi there.. we bought the large oblong orthopedic bed for our 10 1/2-yr-old 80lb great dane/shar pei mix dog. We purchased the density foam with the memory foam upgrade, and have been very happy with the quality of the bed. We also purchased the nylon liner, which was great because our dog threw up on the bed the 2nd day after we purchased it! We had to wash all the covers (including the side bolster), We did not purchase the sherpa upgrade, but it has been a very cold spring, and since we had our dog’s old sherpa mat, we laid it on top of the bed, and he has been very, very happy on it. Now that it’s warmer, we take the sherpa off, and our dog is happy on the canvas. The bed is so comfortable that our newly adopted 1-yr-old 110lb great dane has taken to sneaking on his bed
whenever he leaves it! We are planning on buying the same bed in the XLarge size for our great dane in the near future. We’ve even found our 6 and 7 year old boys snuggling up with the dogs on the bed, and hogging the bed when the dogs are gone. It’s that comfortable. We are happy customers and will definitely be back for more! Thank you!

Bruce from CA writes:

We have had your beds for our two Giant Schnauzers for about 3 months now. They love them. We have several high quality beds throughout the house, some very big name expensive beds. Both dogs prefer your beds over the others. so much so in fact, they will leave the bedroom where we sleep to sleep on your beds in the family room. Needless to say we will be buying more of your beds. Great product at a price which belies the exceptional quality and design. Thanks for a terrific bed for our fur kids.

Tammy writes:

By the way, this is by far the best dog bed we have ever owned. Not only do our dogs love it, but our neighbors dog ,Gracie (a chocolate lab) comes by almost every day to snuggle in and take a nap!
Her owner has a hard time getting her to come home so,we have given him your web address so that she can have her own Mammoth bed to snuggle into.
Thanks for making such a great product.

Eddie writes:

I am never the one to be writing reviews, but I’m sitting here watching my dogs absolutely loving their mammoth dog bed. I tried so many other brands, you know drs F and S, etc… I spent so much money on those beds and had to throw out everyone of them. Mammoth is the way to go. Hands down but value for your dollar and my Weimaraner loves it!

Donna from IA writes:

Oya (our dog) loves her Mammoth. Her bed is tough and she sleeps on it all the time.  I love that it is machine washable and easy to keep clean!

I am glad I ordered her bed from Mammoth.

Jim from CA writes:

I’m in the process of buying another Mammoth dog bed, dog couch actually.
I bought an XL donut bed for my Doberman over four years ago. The bed is still functional and simple to maintain; just pull the heavy denim covers off, toss them in the washer and the bed is good as new. A fantastic product and my dog absolutely loves that bed!!!!

Lisa writes:

I have had my mammoth bed for 3 years now, and it is still in the same shape as when I got it. We all have had beds that flatten over time and this one DOES NOT. I have a Mastiff, and if any dog would flatten a bed over time, he would. It is still the same fullness as the day I got it. It is all completely washable and the material is so durable. Whoever invented this dog bed, THANK YOU!

Cathy from writes:

I just received the XL oval bed and my dogs love it! I have a spaniel mix and a lab mix and they both fit on it with extra room to sprawl out. I put it in the back of my SUV and they are loving rides even more than before! Awesome bed!


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Dear Mammoth, five minutes after opening the box… two bullies give the Mammoth XL-couch high marks!

dogs on dog bed

I just had to let you know how much my 4 dogs love it.

Davey the great dane sleeping soundly on his Mammoth.

I would definitely recommend a Mammoth bed to anyone, especially a Dane owner.
…..Nighty night Davey

dog bed

I’ve had the bed now for about 6 months and looks brand new.  Thank you so much for making such a great, easy to clean bed.

dog bed

I just wanted to let you know that Abi, my 140lb Anatolian Shepherd, loves his Mammoth bed. If I decide to get another enormous dog, I’ll be calling.

dog bed

Hi I just wanted to send you guys a picture of my two dogs and tell you how much they like their new mammoth bed. They liked the first one so much I had to get a second.
Thanks Lor

idog bed

Just received the extra large couch bed for my Rottweiller  Jaik. He obviously has more than enough room to stretch out and roll about.
Thanks for a quality product.

dog bed

Here is Bella, my Great Dane, sound asleep on her bed which is her absolute favorite! She especially loves the ring which allows her to rest her head no matter in what direction her body is pointing!!

dog bed

We are extremely Happy with the quality and service you have provided. What a great product for the money.  Zeke(our 1 1/2 year old black lab) loves his couch dog bed.

dog bed

My name is Shannon, and I recently purchased a Mammoth Bed. My dog Renly, a Japanese Mastiff, loves it so much he prefers it over my bed! I can finally get a good nights sleep.
Thank You So Much!!!!

dog bed

Dear Mammoth
Here is a happy dog! This bed keeps our active Rottweiler calm and happy at least part of the day… we can rest!
Thanks for a great product! Lenore

Bloodhound on dog couch

Our Bloodhound Hurley just loves your dog couch…
Thank You

Easy maintenance with removable covers on the pillow and bolster. Excellent sheen and durability. Dog bed furniture at it's best. Get it today from Mammoth outlet. Get the Memory Foam Oblong Dog Bed today. Mammoth dog bed- the only choice for quality

Daisy enjoying her new large dog bed. Super comfortable.
Thanks, Johnny

Sandi snuggled in her Mammoth dog bed. Thank you for making such a comfortable bed for her.

This is my bulldog “Chinook” enjoying his new mammoth bed.

This is my german shepherd “Vic” enjoying his new Mammoth bed.

Shrek enjoying his orthopedic dog bed… I am 220lbs and love my Mammoth

Here is a picture of Sadie, my Wheaten Terrier in her new Mammoth Bed received today.

Our Doberman puppy has enjoyed this bed from the start.  It rates a 10 with
Tazzmans Beau Brumel

My 13 year old is benefiting greatly from her new bed as her hips are getting very stiff

Best investment I ever made, I love it, thanks Mammoth.

Dutch, our 81 lb lab mix loves his new bed.

Our eight year old chocolate lab suffers from arthritis and absolutely loves her new bed.
Thank you

Thank You – Buddy and Sadie

My name is Loki. I’m a nine year old German Shepherd and in my whole life, this is the best darn bed I’ve ever had! Thank you MAMMOTH BED people!!

Thank you for the great service and prompt delivery.

My border collie “vendi” told me that I must send regards that she’s love it!!!

Great quality. Thank you from both of us.

Thanks so much for a great product.

Wyatt during a peaceful nap.

Thanks for making such a fantastic bed that all our pets can enjoy.

Ace on his outdoor dog bed

Here is my Weimaraner, Ace, rocking out on his Mammoth Outdoor Dog Bed in burgundy. He’s blowing me a kiss because he loves it! The Cordura fabric is a must for dogs who love to “customize” (i.e.
destroy) their beds. This is a very high quality product.
Thanks Mammoth!

Dodger and Kinley lounging in their new Mammoth bed

Wanted to drop you a note and tell you that my dog is enjoying the bed very much. Attached is a picture of him. His name is Max and he is a White German Shepherd. The little dog next to him is a
Miniature Poodle and his name is Domino.

I have a 200 lb Neopolitian Mastiff, a 190 lb Bull Mastiff and a pit bull. My house is all hardwood floors and my Bull Mastiff had water on his elbow from plopping down on the floors. I bought one extra
large memory foam dog bed and had to buy another because my Stiffy’s would argue over the bed… The beds are great for large dogs!!!!!!
Thank You so much!
Kari Carleton
PS thinking of buying one for my Pitt to keep him off my couch :)!

Our 15 mos. old, 70 lb. puppy LOVES his new bed! We sadly discovered he has hip dysplasia before he was a year old. We have noticed that sleeping on the floor is not comfortable for him, especially during
these colder months. When we called him in to check out his new bed, we chuckled to watch him circle and dig and settle right in. He’s been on that bed for that past hour and hardly moved. Doesn’t he look comfy?

My doberman loves his new large oblong bed….Thanks so much for this great item.

Finally, after years of searching for the perfect bed, we have prevailed and can now stop our search.
Thank You! Lynnette and Jeff

We purchased the Mammoth Large Dog Beds 40×40 for our 3 retired racetrack greyhounds 18 months ago and they are the best beds ever!

My dog has four beds and this is the number one. I wash it every month.. had it for a year and I see no ware and the color has not even changed one bit. Thank You

Happiness is a Mammoth Dog Bed.

This is the 4th Mammoth Dog Bed I have purchased and our dogs love these beds. Our 8 yr old Boxer Sugar Ray is having to share his bed with our newest member of the family Ronde- English Bulldog. Going
to order Ronde his own bed now. Here is a picture of Ronde and Sugar.
Great product and washes great!!!

Thank you for creating such a fabulous bed for our dogs. Our largest male (190 lbs) lounging in the lap of luxury.

Stu and 2 dogs sharing a nap

My Son Stu can fit on the bed with my 2 dogs. We love this bed.

Lab on a Mammoth dog bed

Chase loves his Mammoth bed so much he puts himself to bed before we tell him to go. I love it for the easy way the cover comes off to launder. We give it two paws up! Sarah.

My Doberman pup, Jaise, absolutely loves her Mammoth Dog Bed. The construction is superior to all the other beds that I’ve looked at.

Trixie the German Shepherd enjoying her Mammoth bed. Here is our special story, though – we adopt senior dogs, and though it is very sad to say good bye to them, we know that we will only have them a short time compared to other dog owners. Trixie is our 3rd dog who has loved this bed. It makes the bed very special. The first one, Zola, passed away at age 15 (a 100 pounds black lab). The second, Jet, was a beautiful and elegant black German Shepherd who used this bed until her last night with us before she passed away from a brain tumor at about 11 years old. The third, Trixie, is also about 11 now – we hope she enjoys this bed for a long, long time.

We purchased a dog bed for our five Pugs…. we just got it today and they love it!! Even my little male who does not like to sleep with the others, is in it and fluffing a spot for himself…we couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase… and neither can our Pugs… J

I just received a Mammoth dog bed today and our dog could hardly wait for me to get it out of the box and set it up… he immediately took it over with a chew-toy. Thank you for a quality product! Tom T

1. Wylie, our 80lb great dane/shar pei snuggling up with his favorite seal toy on the large oblong orthopedic bed – “I can’t sleep when you keep taking pictures of me, mom!”

2. Bella, our newly-adopted 110 lb Great Dane sneaking a nap on her brother’s large oblong mammoth bed. Doesn’t she look comfortable and oh so unrepentant?? We will be getting the same bed, but in the Xlarge
size in the near future – no more fights over the bed!
Lynette and Andrew


Here is Ilean on her new Mammoth dog bed, which she now has to share with our cat, Skamper. (Our cat did not used to sleep with Ilean — it’s a new behavior that started once he learned how incredibly
comfortable it is!)
Thanks a ton! The kids love it!!


american bull dog on dogbed

Thanks so much! We recently bought 2 large oblong Mammoth beds for our dogs, and they LOVE them. Tess, is a small mixed breed, but loves to stretch out, so she loves the large oblong bed – as you can see by her giant smile. And we barely got the bed out of the box before our American Bulldog, Lily, claimed her spot and fell right to sleep. She didn’t move for quite some time, which says a lot because she usually prefers the couch.

Thanks for making a quality product. We love the quality and durability of the canvas. We were so sick of the poor quality of other dog beds. And thanks for offering a great deal…  I bought 2 beds… AND free shipping. Wow. You guys are great. Best money I’ve spent on my dogs in a long time.

Thanks again!

Kylee Allen


“Get The Best Quality And Comfort In Dog Beds At The Lowest Price”

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