When Your Dog Sleeps Better, So Do You!

Is your dog keeping you awake at night? Perhaps it’s time that you invested in a separate bed for your pet. It’s unusual for a dog to have trouble getting a full night’s rest or to stay up on its own at odd hours. When such behaviour occurs, it’s a good idea to address it by attempting to find the cause. After all, if your dog isn’t getting a proper sleep, chances are that you aren’t either.

The Importance of a Dog Bed

While there are many reasons that your dog is keeping you from enjoying a full night of uninterrupted sleep, the answer might be as simple as the fact that you haven’t provided your pet with a place in your home that they can have to themselves. Since we have over 20 years experience in manufacturing quality dog beds with orthopedic support, you’ll easily be able to find a bed to provide your dog with the best chance it has in getting a good night’s rest.

You might feel that you’re being unkind to your dog to banish them to a separate bed, but it’s actually healthy for your dog to have a place that they can identify as their own, where they can feel safe and protected. While you might find your own bed extremely comfortable, it was built with humans in mind and might not be well-suited to the needs of your dog – or maybe they just need a place of their own to feel comfortable.

man with dog sleeping on couch.

When your dog sleeps better, so do you.

One of the first solutions you should attempt when looking for ways to help your dog to get a better sleep is to ensure that you’ve provide it with the perfect dog bed for your dog – and that will include many of the features that people value in a bed, such as a warm, comfortable place that’s situated in an area of your home that isn’t too noisy.

Reasons Your Dog is Keeping You Awake

Similar to people, there are many factors that could be involved in preventing your dog from getting a good night’s sleep. Another reason to try changing the dog’s sleeping environment is that they could have an allergy or skin sensitivity to the place where they’re currently sleeping. If your dog is keeping you awake from too much scratching, then this is likely the factor.

The first course of action is to provide your dog with a new, clean place to sleep, and you can read reviews from past customers and their dogs to see what has worked for other in these cases, and then try removing any nearby artificial fragrances and increase the humidity in your home. If you can’t solve the problem right away or your pet is scratching excessively, to the point where they are damaging their skin, then it’s time to bring you dog to the vet right away!

Considering Puppies

If you have a young puppy that’s crying, then it may simply be the case that your dog is too young to sleep in your bed. It’s natural for very young puppies to feel some anxiety after being separated from their mothers and siblings – after all, they’ve only recently undergone an enormous change in their lives.

While it might seem like the answer is to bring a puppy to sleep with you, it’s probably still too young. At this time in a dog’s life, it needs to learn some independence, so it’s important that you provide it with a comfortable bed of its own.

When it comes to getting a good sleep, dogs aren’t that different from humans. Start by providing your dog with a bed it will love, and then find the reason through a process of elimination. Remember, once your dog starts getting a better sleep, so will you!