Great Dane Dog Bed

Great Danes have Many Skeletal Issues, So Buy the Right Bed

A Great Bed for your Great Dane The Great Dane is a German breed best known for its towering size! Great Dane puppies have the ability to knock over lamps, coffee tables, even not-so-small children when they get excited. They call them Great for a reason, and are also lovingly known as Gentle Giants. What’s[…]

dog under tree

Deck the Halls With Fake and Stay Safe

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun. Garland strewn banters, wreath decorated doors, sparking Christmas trees, vibrant Poinsettias, Mistletoe dangling in doorways, all make for a warm and inviting environment.  It really is a very exciting and fun time of year, but please, in all the decorating excitement,  do not forget to[…]

Surfing With Your Dog

Surfing to aid those who can’t walk. Judy Fridono, owner of Puppy Prodigies which trains therapy dogs, had nearly given up on Ricochet, a 15 month old golden retriever, who seemed not to be cut out to work with people. On a lark, Fridono entered her in a dog surfing contest; she came in third.[…]

Mammoth Dog Beds Prescription During The Holidays

During the busy work week…all the shopping…dealing with the kids…don’t forget your most valuable member of the family. It’s always a good prescription to spend some time with your dog and cuddle. Why not do it together on a Mammoth dog bed. Because with a Mammoth bed,  you can. I have found myself laying with[…]

Mammoth Donut Dog Couch – New Design Just Released

Superior Quality @ The Right Price – Mammoth has just released the ultimate in a dog couch. This couch is designed to last with repetitive double stitching. The bolster stays propped up on the pillow base that is filled with a high memory engineered fiber fill. The feel of this dog couch is like laying[…]

Varieties Of Dog Intelligence Part 1

You can say any fool thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, :My God, you’re Right! I never would of thought of that!”

The association between dogs and humans stems from the fact that dogs perform functions that are useful to us. Some of these functions are quite utilitarian, others are more personal and psychological in nature. Some of the more common utilitarian functions include guarding and protecting property and people. eg. police work and war dog work, helping during hunting, finding game, pulling it down, digging it up, and retrieving it, shepherding, tending sheep, cattle, reindeer, and even geese or ducks, hauling, pulling carts or sleds, carrying packs, seeking and finding objects, people, or substances, tracking dogs, drug snigging dogs, gas-detecting dogs, truffle seeking dogs, performing rescue work, retrieving people from water or people buried in snow or wreckage, assisting the disabled, seeing eye dogs, hearing ear dogs, handicap assistance dogs.