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U.S.A. Made

Have you ever seen a dog in pajamas? Unlike you and me, dogs have their own unique ensemble that keeps them cool during hot summer nights and warm in the chill of winter. These furry creatures have their own house coat built right in. And conveniently so, as over half of their life is spent [...]

Keeping Your Dog’s Bed Clean

You want your pet, and family friend to be comfortable & happy. Choosing Mammoth dog beds ensures their optimum comfort on a bed that’s easy to maintain and clean for years to come! On that note, we know it is important to you to keep your dog’s bed clean. Just like human furniture, the dog’s [...]

Mammoth Donut Dog Couch – New Design Just Released

Superior Quality @ The Right Price - Mammoth has just released the ultimate in a dog couch. This couch is designed to last with repetitive double stitching. The bolster stays propped up on the pillow base that is filled with a high memory engineered fiber fill. The feel of this dog couch is like laying [...]

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