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Mammoth is committed to producing top notch dog beds at an affordable price. We only manufacture durable quality dog beds for your dog. We have performed extensive research on dogs and their sleeping habits for over twenty years, and have designed our products to withstand the everyday demands of your pet. All made in the USA, our cotton and poly-cotton textiles are the toughest used in the industry. Mammoth engineers its own blend of premium high memory, virgin polyester fiber, keeping your dog bed looking like new. Care is easy with our removable Velcro slip cover system, which can be washed in your machine at home. Most beds also feature a removable and reversible travel pillow.

Mammoth dog beds are recommended by veterinarians, breeders, daycares, groomers, and people like yourself who we depend on for repeat business. Mammoth is known as “Breeders #1 choice”. If you are looking for superior quality at wholesale prices, with the best “LIFETIME GUARANTEE”, then choose Mammoth. The #1 dog bed worldwide.

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Mammoth outlet features a line of bolster dog beds that are comfortable while maintaining a stylish look. Just because your dog is going to be sleeping on it doesn’t mean that the bed needs to be an eyesore in your living room, den, or bedroom! Mammoth Dog Beds’ designer line is available in many different colors that are neutral and easily matched. Mammoth Outlet’s dog beds will match any décor in your home and can therefore be moved easily from room to room. They’re also as attractive as your own furniture. Designer dog beds look like a couch for your dog and have a bolster supporting your dog. They offer extreme support and easy entry for those dogs that need orthopedic applications. Get one today.

Mammoth Outlet Reviews

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong
Thank You For Making Our Dog Comfy

Great material and good stitches, sure they will last longer than anything else we have tried over the past 40 years. 

Review for Mammoth Luxury Dog Bed
New Found Luxury
big dog on bed

big dog on bed

Enjoying his new found luxury. Thank you

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Lacie Loves It!

My dog Lacie loves the dog bed!! You can see the smile on her face! Five stars!.

Review for Mammoth Designer Dog Couch
Lots Of Room On The Couch

We got our new bed a few days ago and Bowie, our 3 legged American Bulldog X Bull Mastiff loves it! Only complaint is that the side “walls” come out pretty wide which makes it quite a bit bigger than expected. Thanks, Jodie

Review for Mammoth Memory Foam Dog Bed
Off My Bed

We love Gus’s new bed. By we I mean, Gus of course, but also my husband and I because we have our bed back! Gus has lots of room to curl up or stretch out. Gus is a 140 lb Great Dane and the x-large was plenty big enough for him. Thanks for making an awesome bed that is big enough, comfortable enough, and affordable e

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Hugo Adores It!
Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Hugo loves his Mammoth bed!  It is made from rugged material that will stand up to paws and jaws. Big enough for

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Forever Love

This is the second mammoth bed I am purchasing. My last dog loved his and it lasted forever. He was a chewer and the bed won every battle. The bed is very well made and very comfortable. My new dog loves it. Unfortunately it’s a bit big for him. I’m going to order a smaller one and give this one to his larger friend.

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Bed Time

This is Danny Boy in his new bed …. 2 minutes after  unpacked it …. he LOVES it, we juts tell him at night ‘bed time’ and he goes straight to it.


Danny Boy & Greg Giles

Review for Mammoth Memory Foam Dog Bed
Charlie Loves It!

Charlie seems to like his bed. I liked the color and the Velcro closure it is plenty big for him and he is 90 lbs we bought the Large with ortho foam. 

Review for Mammoth Designer Dog Couch
My Newf Loves It.

We recently purchased one of your dog beds and boy are we glad that we did!!  Our Newfoundland Danny LOVES his new bed!!  It is a great size for him, as most beds we found were too small!!  Thank you again for the great bed!!

Review for Mammoth Designer Dog Couch
We Love Our New Bed!
lab on mammoth dog couch

We love our new dog bed and I’m pretty sure our boy does too. Thank you

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Forrest Loves It!

I think it’s obvious from the picture just how much Forrest loves his new Mammoth dog bed!! His Mommy and daddy wanted to wait until he was pretty much full grown before ordering his “forever” bed and as you can see, it’s just the right size for this big guy! I think i

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Held Up Well, Nice!


Louie is a 2 year old chocolate lab and he loves his mammoth bed! I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant to buy him such a nice bed because he has a history of tearing up hi

Review for Mammoth Great Dane Extra Large Dog Bed
My Dane Is Happy!
Blue the Great Dane on a Mammoth Dog Bed

Blue the Great Dane on a Mammoth Dog Bed

Thank you for the new bed for our Great Dane. Blue loves it, so does the cat!

Review for Mammoth Medium Oblong Dog Bed
Love It!


My baby loves it. Can’t get enough and so calm now. Best bed ever…thanks Mammoth


Review for Mammoth Great Dane Extra Large Dog Bed
Great Dane Size


Zeke loves his new bed. I think it may actually be tough enough for even his big claws. We chose denim for the durability and he loves it. Tough bed for a

Review for Mammoth Designer Dog Couch
Moose Not Sleeping On Our Bed

Literally took the bed out of the box and our dog fell asleep on the bed. We are hoping this breaks his habit of sleeping on our bed. “Moose” is a 120lb Great Weimar (Great Dane / Weimaraner mix)

Review for Mammoth Memory Foam Dog Bed
Dogs Adore Them

We received our 2 new doggie beds today and they are very impressive the foam seems like it will hold up very nicely which is what we need because my babies be are 11 yrs old and they love the beds already.

Review for Mammoth Designer Couch
Enjoying His New Couch

Pookie has so much fun on his couch playing with his toys. He has his own space.

Review for Mammoth Extra Large Dog Bed
Great Fit

He really does fit. LoL …We’ll have to get another one for Emma. She’s pouting on the love seat. Thank you!

Review for Mammoth Crate Mats
Favourite Place To Be

Patch loves his new Mammoth crate bed. It took some coaxing (and a treat) to get in there the first time, but ever since then it’s his favourite place to be!

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong
My Lab Loves It!

My pooch with her new bed. She absolutely loves it.

Review for Mammoth Designer Couch
Plenty Of Room


We received the extra large dog bed couch for our chocolate lab, Leah. She has plenty of room to stretch out her 90 pound

Review for Mammoth Memory Foam Dog Bed
Better Than His Old One


My Labrador, Buddy, enjoying his new Mammoth bed. Buddy weighs 95 lbs and mostly sleeps stretch out. The size large oblong memory foam

Review for Mammoth Designer Dog Couch
Girls Adore It!


My girls just love their new couch…thx

Review for Mammoth Pet Bed


The bed we got is PERFECT. Size, comfort, color. But its best feature, for us, is the sturdy canvass type material used for the cover…it survives t

Review for Mammoth Outdoor Dog Beds
Outdoor Fun!

As you can see in the attachment, it took no time for my Alaskan Malamutes to figure out what the beds were for (their first beds). I am extr

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Took To Them Immediately!


Today we received all four of our Mammoth Memory Foam Dog Beds we ordered to replace beds we bought 4 or 5 years ago. The former beds were great. I despa

Review for Orthopedic Dog Bed
Orthopedic Dog Bed

I have a German Shepherd who’s enjoying her new extra large bed. I wanted her to have plenty of room to stretch out with support as she gets older but also the bolster pillows on the sides for when she’s chilling out. I think this bed meets all my requirements. It looks like a good quality bed. Thx


Review for Mammoth Large Dog Bed
Love It!

Picture of our dog, Molson on a Mammoth bed! He loves it!

Review for Mammoth Designer Dog Couch
My Babies Bed

Just received my babies bed today and as soon as I put it down he was on it…as you can see he loves it already..I purchased the big one because normally he sleeps all stretched out. I am hoping this works out well for him, he is only 2 years old and already has issues with his hips so fingers crossed, but most certainly a thumbs up to mammoth! Th

Review for Mammoth Donut Dog Bed
My Boys Love It...


My boys love the bed and so do I!!!

Review for Mammoth Donut Dog Bed
I LOVE Mammoth Beds And So Do The Dogs!

I LOVE Mammoth beds and so do the dogs! This one is my third. They last incredibly well and both dogs LOVE them. This is a picture of Bonnie in the bed the day after we got it. It w

Review for Mammoth Designer Couch
He Loves His Bed

He loves his bed….thank you

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Whiskey Absolutely Loves It!

We just got our pewter oblong dog bed in and our dog Whiskey absolutely loves it! It’s the perfect color and it’s soo confortable. We got this bed so that our dog would stop sleeping i

Review for Mammoth Extra Large Dog Bed
Rudee's Dog Bed Is A Hit!

I just received my beautiful dog bed for my big, old Bernese Mountain Dog. He immediately went and snuggled up in his bed. My golden retriever also can fit on Rudee’s bed. Thank you Lisa

Review for Mammoth Oblong
My Boy Loves It!


Our 11 year old golden seems very happy!!!


Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
We Had A Guest


This is a visitor on her new Mammoth bed that she got after her owners saw how much my Ellie (brindle in bottom picture) who’s laying on her dark brown Mammoth bed, enjoyed hers and ordered on

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Just Wanted To Give A Thumbs Up


A bit back In October or early November I ordered one of the oblong beds fro my greys. We already had one other large bed that I had ordered via the US last Christmas. I’m totally impressed, since then I

Review for Mammoth Extra Large Dog Bed
Mammoth Extra Large Dog Bed


This is our very large (approximately 28″ tall and 54″ long) standard poodle, Beaux, enjoying a nap on his new extra large bed from Mammoth. This is the first bed that he actually fits in …. all of him

Review for Mammoth XXL Pet Bed
Just A Dog And His Bed


My Great Dane loves his dog beds from Mammoth. This is his 4th and our 6th from this company and they all are wonderful for Buzz and our previous Dane. He is 130 lbs and very massive so you can see how b

Review for Mammoth Designer Dog Couch
Dogs Love The Couches


We just received our two large designer Couchs. Our dogs love them. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Review for Mammoth Large Luxury Oblong Dog Bed
Happy Doggy


Oakley and I send you our thank you! I was impressed by the quality and workmanship from the moment I opened the bed! Oakley is impressed with the plush comfort of his early Christmas gift! Sincerely, Co

Review for Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed
Mammoth Large Oblong Dog Bed


I recently purchased a mammoth dog bed after my lab destroyed all the previous beds I bought him. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the material and I am confident

Review for Mammoth Large Orthopedic Oblong
Mammoth Large Orthopedic Oblong


Thank you for making the exchange to the larger size so easy. As you can see, Cedar has settled right in to her new orthopaedic microvelvet (I’m happy it’s more gold/gingerale than dark brown, whi

Review for Mammoth Extra Large Dog Bed
Tucker is all smiles!

Dear Mammoth, Thank you so much for our dog bed!! Tucker is a two year old Akita, who tends to have no problem destroying dog beds of any material. This dog bed is absolutely amazing and he absolutely loves it!! He has two other beds at home, which he has easily outgrown. This bed is the perfect size for our guy. We have already been recommending f

Review for Mammoth Memory Foam Dog Bed
Molly's new bed

Molly just received her new Christmas bed and as you can see from her face she is more than happy! Molly received the Large (44 x 36) SKU#801m 6 inch orthopedic model and it is plenty big for this 90 lb. yellow lab. Quality product at a fair price.

Review for Ortho oval micro velvet bed


I always try to buy AMERICAN MADE products. We have a 7yr old 50lb boxer named Roxy. She is a little spoiled, & is always aloud on our furniture. We just got new living room furniture

Review for Extra Large Oblong
We love the bed!


We looked in all our local stores for an appropriate fit for our Great Pyrenees. Finally, with Mammoth, we found the perfect fit for our growing puppy. We are so happy that he has his own

Review for Large Oblong Memory Foam Dog Bed
Loves It - Thank You

Fast delivery, Purchased a bed late Saturday and received it by tues. Love the chat option- Wasn’t sure which bed size would be suitable, the chat room was very easily accessible and had a quick response, very helpful. Bed looks amazing. At first he wasnt sure about it (he doesnt like new things) but once he sniffed it out it didnt take long for hi

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