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Before You Get A Big Dog Get A Big Dog Bed At Mammoth Outlet

Looking To Get A Large Dog? Here’s The Starter Pack! The “Starter pack” (sometimes called the starter kit) is a funny Internet meme that’s been going around, consisting of a series of panels meant to illustrate a certain type of person – for instance, in this starter kit list, the “college kid starter pack” consists[…]


Giving Thanks Happily

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, every kind of casserole you can imagine, gravy and cranberries – oh my goodness – never ending amounts of delicious food! Once again, it’s that wonderful time of year. Thanksgiving!! We gather at this time with our friends and families to relax from our busy schedules and celebrate all the things[…]


139 Westminster Best In Show

139th Westminster Kennel Club famously displayed another year of fantastic dogs, handlers, breeders and spectators. I’ll get right to the point before talking a bit about my favourite group, “the working dog group”. Best in show produced 7 dogs up for judging from all groups. The famous Portuguese Water Dog , Matise, 39 best in[…]

One Dog Or Two

We have all wondered about getting a playmate for our lonely dog. Maybe the dog needs more dog time..more wolf pack time. Won’t that take away from my time with my beloved. I pondered it many times. I want my dog to be happy, but am I happy? What to do? Get two! We got[…]

Varieties Of Dog Intelligence Part 1

You can say any fool thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, :My God, you’re Right! I never would of thought of that!”

The association between dogs and humans stems from the fact that dogs perform functions that are useful to us. Some of these functions are quite utilitarian, others are more personal and psychological in nature. Some of the more common utilitarian functions include guarding and protecting property and people. eg. police work and war dog work, helping during hunting, finding game, pulling it down, digging it up, and retrieving it, shepherding, tending sheep, cattle, reindeer, and even geese or ducks, hauling, pulling carts or sleds, carrying packs, seeking and finding objects, people, or substances, tracking dogs, drug snigging dogs, gas-detecting dogs, truffle seeking dogs, performing rescue work, retrieving people from water or people buried in snow or wreckage, assisting the disabled, seeing eye dogs, hearing ear dogs, handicap assistance dogs.