Your Dog Can Beat A Cold With Plenty Of Rest In The Right Bed

Though your pup isn’t likely to “catch” a cold this spring the same way her human counterparts might (the illness is not transferable between species), this season is still one of the most likely times of year for your dog to become infected. The strands of the virus affecting dogs are different from those humans suffer from; nevertheless the common cold is just as common in the canine world.

The symptoms are very similar; sneezing, coughing, runny or stuffy nose, and watery eyes. If you touch her nose and it is feeling hot – that might be a sign as well. However, the medicine to alleviate these symptoms is not as accessible as it is in our drug stores. Unfortunately, if your dog is older, or suffering from other illnesses in tandem, she might need veterinary care. Some pet suppliers will carry supplements to help boost your dog’s immune system, but when it comes down to it, your pup might just have to ride the discomfort of the sickness out.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can support them in the process! Ensure they are drinking lots of liquids and eating healthy foods, keep the room toasty and cozy – you might even consider putting a humidifier beside her bed.


What every health care professional will tell you when you have a cold is to keep rested, and this is the case for sick pups, too. Mammoth dog beds are designed to comfort and rehabilitate dogs living with ailments; the common cold is no exception.

When your dog is spending half her day lying down, it’s important to provide her with the support she needs to feel rejuvenated and ultimately, to get better. Mammoth dog beds are the world’s leading dog bed; for twenty years, our superior quality beds have helped dogs large and small but we specialize in extra large breeds. Our beds are orthopedic and durable, designed to mold to your dog’s body and give superior cushioning.

The removeable mattress is great when travelling with your dog as well, and the covers remove easily for laundering thanks to a Velcro seal, located on both the mattress and outer bolster — so when your dog kicks that cold, you don’t need to worry about germs festering in the fabric. Furthermore, a nylon liner can be added for extra protection against accidental leaks or wetness.

For a quick and speedy recovery, and for firm support throughout the rest of your pup’s life, consider upgrading to our memory foam mattress. The filling in the bolster is a non-balling, virgin, hypo-allergenic, high memory upholstery fiber fill, wrapped in a thick and durable polypropylene liner which will fully decontaminate in the wash. You can choose from heavy weight industrial strength canvas, denims or soft microvelvets for the covers.

If you suspect your dog is coming down with something, rest assured that Mammoth can provide her with a peaceful spot to get over her cold while promoting strength and alignment to her body even when she’s curled up. Are you on a budget? Not a problem — our discounted dog beds are a great alternative to any owner who doesn’t require removeable covers. Help get your pup get back on her feet again by encouraging her to kick back with a Mammoth. With a proper amount of sleep (and the right bed), she’ll be back to her happy, healthy self in no time.