Spotlight On The Old English Mastiff: Support Your Extra Large Dog With An Extra Large Mammoth

The Old English Mastiff is one of our favourite gentle giants, typically coming in at a weight of over 200lbs once reaching adulthood! They are symbols of canine grandeur while also being good natured, and docile. If you have a Mastiff joining your family (or if you’re considering one), rest assured that they will grow into polite yet shy dogs who are sometimes stubborn but well behaved. They will also need their own space to retreat to after a great deal of socializing with new people. Mastiff puppies also respond well to obedience training, are extremely affectionate with their families, and are kid friendly too.

A Mastiff will be right for you if you have the time to provide constant companionship; if a Mastiff feels secure with his family, it will ensure a stable temperament and combat neediness.

Due to the Mastiff breed’s massive size however, this pup will require lots of space both indoors and out! He will thrive in a roomy home, ideally one with a yard and space to stretch. What’s more is a Mastiff tolerates cold weather quite well; providing an insulated dog house in the backyard during the winter time is ideal so they may run around as they please for extra exercise (in addition to their daily walks).

Like many large breeds, the Mastiff does require some extra special attention – their lifespan can be as short as six years as they are prone to developing illnesses faster than smaller dogs. One of these conditions is hip dysplasia, a heritable disease in which the thighbone stops fitting securely into the hip joint. Hip dysplasia can also develop from environmental factors, such as rapid growth, injuries, or consistently sleeping on hard, unsupported surfaces. It is these environmental factors that you can protect against – allowing your Mastiff to live out his years to the fullest.

dog bed for extra large dog

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composed of a removable gigantic inner pillow for travel, a cozy ring for support, and measuring at six feet long by four feet wide! We use only the toughest heavy weight 12 to 38 oz poly-cotton canvas, denims, and suedes. Furthermore, the filling is made from non-clumping, hypo- allergenic, high memory fibers. Our beds are also water and stain resistant, holding up both indoors and outside in the dog house. We’ve also made it very simple to launder as the cover is held in place by a Velcro system – easily removeable. Finally, our beds come in a variety of bold or neutral colours made to fit in with any décor.

Take extra special care of your extra-large Mastiff by surprising him with an extra large Mammoth dog bed; supporting his bones and joints for his entire life, while also providing him with unmatchable comfort. Just because he’s strong and big boned, doesn’t mean he isn’t susceptible to problems later in life – allow a Mammoth to give him the peaceful rest he deserves, and your peace of mind.