Raising A Healthy Large Dog Starts With The Right Bed


This Thanksgiving, you might have received a special furry present. The bigger the dog, the more there is to love. Often great with kids and loyal beyond belief, these gentle giants – like the St. Bernard or the Mastiff – appear much more imposing than they actually are, and, while they might appear docile, require a good amount of exercise as well. These big, goofy sidekicks are a joy to have around, but they are unfortunately more prone to certain health risks, such as obesity, hip dysplasia and arthritis, meaning they require an amount of attention proportional to their large stature.

A big dog is going to need a good mix of exercise, food portion control and a comfortable bed on which to relax. The beds we sell at Mammoth Outlet are not only durable and washable, making them ideal for a big dog that might be in the habit of shedding or shredding, but they’re also tailored to specific dog breeds, meaning that we’ve done the necessary research and worked to design beds uniquely suited to your dog’s needs and potential health risks. In this blog, we’re going to look at how to go about raising a healthy, happy big dog, whether you’re raising yours from a puppy, or just trying to take better care of your mature pooch.

As with pretty much any dog, exercise is a key part of their daily life; it allows them to stretch their legs, get their heartbeat up for a little while, and, maybe most importantly, it allows them to take in the sights and smells of the outside world, something we take for granted. What you want to avoid with very large dogs, however, is over-exercising, especially when they’re puppies and their bones haven’t developed enough. If you’re not careful, over-exercising can exacerbate joint issues; pay attention to your dog for cues, and try taking them to exercise on ground that’s softer than concrete, like grass, sand or dirt, all of which are easier on their joints. When in doubt about how long to take your dog out for exercise, it’s always advisable to speak with your veterinarian.

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Another important aspect on any dog’s life (or person, for that matter) is meal time, and while the temptation is to feed your big pooch until she’s stuffed – because, after all, she looks like she could eat a whole bag of dog food for a single meal – moderation is important. Large breeds are prone to obesity, which can be especially taxing since they’re already prone to joint problems. Having to support excess weight is too tough on their joints, and they’ll be bound to develop further problems into old age. Serious and sometimes debilitating problems can arise, as well, if you overfeed your puppy, as they’ll grow too rapidly and develop bone and joint issues. This exercise is a key part of their daily life explains the dangers of overfeeding large dogs, and offers steps and tips to ensure that doesn’t happen.

The other thing that any bog dog requires is an appropriate bed. We at Mammoth Outlet design our dog beds by size and breed to ensure that you have as many unique options for your dog, and are able to give it the comfort and orthopedic support it deserves. While pet store brands tend to be made with cheap filler that flattens and hardens, offering little in the way of orthopedic support, we at Mammoth Outlet offer memory foam filling with furniture-grade coverings. It’s important that a dog susceptible to hip dysplasia, joint issues and arthritis be treated proactively with good orthopedic support and comfort; and, if your unlucky pup does suffer from one of these afflictions, a suitable orthopedic bed is one of your best remedial options. Extra large dogs require extra large dog beds that afford them room to stretch their legs, and that don’t tamp down into a hard pad after a few uses. A Mammoth Outlet bed springs back to its original shape after your dog has slept on it, so your dog is ready to spring into action when playtime rolls around.

We spend about a third of our lives in bed, and for dogs that percentage is probably quite a bit higher. Imagine sleeping in a bed made for a toddler, or one with a mattress that collapsed like a sack of flour when you laid down on it – it wouldn’t be all that nice. A large dog deserves to be treated with the respect befitting its impressive size, and that means proper exercise, moderate food and a comfy bed.

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Give thanks this holiday and don’t forget about your dog who looks up to you every day.