A Great Bed for your Great Dane

The Great Dane is a German breed best known for its towering size! Great Dane puppies have the ability to knock over lamps, coffee tables, even not-so-small children when they get excited. They call them Great for a reason, and are also lovingly known as Gentle Giants. What’s great about the Great Dane is that they are people friendly, crave human companionship, and are protective of their packs (that means you and your family).

Great Dane Dog Bed

What’s unfortunate however is that because Great Danes are pure-bred, they are more susceptible to illness, and like many large dog breeds, the Great Dane may suffer from a variety of health conditions and orthopedic problems throughout their lives if the symptoms go unaddressed. The most common of these diseases is hip dysplasia. In hip dysplasia, the socket of the hip becomes abnormal – usually due to the Great Dane puppy’s rapid growth spurts before becoming full size, often requiring expensive surgery to fix.

The tissues around the hip joint lose their tightness causing the bones to grow apart due to these tissues becoming stretched, putting heaping amounts of pressure on the dog’s nerves. Ouch! It also prevents them from engaging in physical activity, putting them at risk of obesity and greatly reducing the quality of their lives.

How can you tell if your Dane is in pain? Are they moving slower? Do they have difficulty standing up, lying down or walking? Do you catch them limping, or do they make painful cries when touched? It might be time to see the vet. The symptoms rear their heads most prominently after exercise.

Sometimes the signs do go unnoticed though – regular vet visits are essential with larger dogs. A veterinarian may suggest different diets that will keep your dog lean for example, and we at Mammoth Outlet agree that taking preventative measures when it comes to your dog’s health will decrease the chances of this painful condition developing, or developing further.

This is why Mammoth developed extra-extra-large dog beds – specifically designed for the Great Dane, a breed that would benefit most from orthopedic care, and whose great size often creates trouble in finding it the care it needs and deserves. In fact, we offer beds designed for many different large dog breeds. For the Great Dane, we have developed oblong beds that measure at 55 inches x 42 inches, and for giant Danes, a 72 inch x 55 inch bed! The latter should comfortably fit as many as two Great Danes of medium size. As always, our beds come equipped with an orthopedic foam mattress, and upgrades to the memory foam mattresses are available. Why not visit our blog to learn about all the customizable options available for your pooch — you may be surprised at what you discover.

Our beds are also made with hypo-allergenic fibers, and are 100% machine washable. They are made to withstand daily wear and tear, (especially by those Great Dane puppies who think they’re smaller than they really are!)

Don’t settle for less when it comes to quality, and quality care for your Great Dane. For a breed whose rate of dealing with joint and bone issues is significantly higher than smaller dogs, we want to ensure your favourite buddy gets the support he deserves to keep him happy and healthy. Your veterinarian will agree, as we are proud to say our beds come vet-recommended. When it comes to superior quality, no other bed compares to a Mammoth for your Great Dane’s needs.