Think about it…

Okay, so we all love our pets. A lot. Enough to let them sleep in our beds. And while our pets are very lovable, one needs to consider where they wander. Most are curious, inquisitive, especially puppies. On a rainy day they come home covered in mud. When out for a walk they come back[…]

April Showers Bring…

As the well-known, oft-quoted saying goes “April showers bring May flowers.”  However, what was never considered was the fact that April showers also bring in muddy paw prints.  We all love our pets.  They’re cute, they’re playful, and they’re even incorrigible.  But sometimes, when we’re picky, muddy paw prints can get on our nerves.  Don’t[…]

No Longer Alone

Many elderly folk, who feel lonely, would do much better with a dog as their companion. While dogs can sometime be a hassle, they are very good at brightening up a bad day and provide plently of companionship for the lonely. Don’t feel like talking to people? Talk to your dog. It’ll listen to you[…]

Sleeping with Dogs Unhealthy!

According to an article by Science Daily, sleeping with your dog in your bed is a health risk. Dogs snore, want to be let out at night, and can be very disruptive. We all need our sleep, and no one wants to be cranky the next day. Dog beds are recommended as a comfortable solution[…]

Jealous Dogs

Dog owners that have two (or more!) dogs tend to find that their dogs will become jealous of each other.  Each will clamour for attention, begging to be petted just as much as the other.  Small dogs especially can become very competitive for their owners’ attention. Just remember, though, that you have more than one[…]