If Santa is bringing a puppy to your house this Christmas for your family, hopefully he’s given you a few hints so you are able to puppy proof your house. Here are just a few items and tips to help you get your house ready for its newest member.

Baby Gates:

Baby gates can help make your life so much easier. Limiting your puppy’s access to the rooms in your house will help you with toilet training, keeping track of where your puppy is and keeping him out of areas of the house that could be potentially dangerous. It is also great for staircases as puppies are generally a little small to tackle the stairs an could really hurt themselves if they have a fall.

Confine Electrical Cords and Cover Power-strips:

Contain all of the electrical cords your puppy can get to. Puppies love to chew and electrical cords are an inviting treat that are not safe! Also, cover all power-strips as they are also unsafe yet inviting to your puppy.

Electrical Outlets:

Get safety covers for all exposed electrical outlets. You just want to ensure your puppy has no way of electrocuting himself so cover all exposed outlets.

Safety Locks for Cabinets:

It is surprising how a puppy can get into a cabinet, but it can. Always ensure you puppy can’t get into your cabinets with chemicals and other items that can be hazardous to his health. Use safety locks on these cupboard doors to keep them out.

Garbage Cans:

Make sure your garbage cans have lids on them so your puppy can’t get into the garbage. There are so many things in your garbage that can be a potential hazard. Cuts, poisoning and choking can all occur because of a little mischief in the garbage.


Research that plants you have in your house to make sure they are not harmful to your dog. Some plants can be very unhealthy and cause him to get very sick. If possible remove from puppy level and perhaps make them hanging plants.



It may be very hard for a busy family to keep things off the floor and out of reach of a new puppy, but it will help with safety. Puppies just love to chew and they are not selective about what they will or will not chomp on. Think of everything as a hazard even clothing. A puppy can chew and swallow a sock and it is extremely dangerous. Trying to keep as little lying around as possible will help with their safety and save you time cleaning up messes like shredded news papers. Keep all medicines, vitamins and supplements away and out of reach as well. Just because they are in a container doesn’t mean your puppy is safe.


If you don’t want your puppy in a room and it has a door, simply close the door. Again, limiting access will help keep your pup out of trouble. As basic as it may seem, if you are not used to closing doors it will take a little getting used to. It’s one of the easiest ways of keeping your favourite items from being chewed and keeping your pup safe.


A crate is a great training tool, it’s your puppy’s den, his safe place to rest and take time out when needed and it will keep him safe when you are away from your house and at night when everyone is sleeping.

Be careful of all the wrapping paper that will be around from the presents. It will be fun to watch your pup play in it, just watch that he doesn’t eat it too.

Dog Bedding:

Last but not least, you absolutely need a puppy dog bed. Where do you get a dog bed for your puppy, well offourse..from Mammoth.
Your dog needs their own space away from the challenges and noise of your house. It’s best to introduce early and always used as a training tool. You will notice that your dog will naturally take to the bed and start to nest. I can’t stress how important it is to give your dog a bed. Just like you have a place that is designated for sleep and relaxation, your puppy will also need the same.

Mammoth offers fantastic quality nesting beds, take a look at the large dog bed or medium oblong dog bed. They can all be washed easily to maintain a new look. Once your puppy matures, it will be time to get another adult bed and use the puppy bed elsewhere in the house.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas and welcome to your new home gift, your puppy will absolutely love a Mammoth Dog Bed to nap in as he grows.