10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

For 21 years, the Labrador Retriever has been number one dog breed. Probably because they are so cute as puppies, easy to train, love action, running or fetching and especially water. Mostly labs are loyal dogs that love unconditionally.

10) Rottweiler

Loyal, strong dog. Intelligent and a good protector.

9) Dachshund

Lively and playful, great hunting dog. Great family pet.

8) Poodle

Intelligent, good looking dog. Consecutively on top ten list.

7) Boxer

Love kids, playful silly personality, love to play with paws up. Good mannered.

6) English Bulldog

Gentle creatures that have a smushed in face. So cute and strong short legs. Mascot popularity among Universities

5) Yorkshire Terrier

Large personaltity for a small thing. Great energy, loves kids.

4) Golden Retriever

Perfect family pet. Can do no wrong. Easy to train, loves family life. Affectionate sporting dog.

3) Beagle

Great family pet, but strong sense of hunting may take his nose to places you don’t approve.

2) German Shepherd

Service dog, intelligent, easy to train, grooming is a challenge. Great overall dog.

Well there you have it, American Kennel Club’c top ten breeds for 2012.


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