Just incredible, another story of bravery and true loyalty by a Great Dane dog called Matthew. We all know Great Danes to be gentle giants. I mean, there are not aggressive by nature unless provoked, but even then, this dog deserves a medal for bravery.

One year ago, Matthew the 100 pound Great Dane jumped between a woman and her aggressor. The man, who was her lover started beating her with a hammer. Matthew, layed on top of her and took the abuse from her aggressor therefore saving her life.

Matthew responded to his owners screams, sustaining hammer blows that broke his ribs and hip during the attack.

While the woman was in recovery in a shelter, she wanted her dog beside her…but the shelter did not allow dogs. The woman told the center she would rather sleep in the car with her dog then not have him beside her.

It really does take one person to change the world. It turns out the this incident paved the way for a new pet-friendly wing of the medical center with seven new kennels for pets.

I really like this story….Way to go Matthew.