Oily Dog Prints, Who Could It Be?

Rusty on the phone

I arrived home from work and opened the garage door like any other day…… however this was not any other day, this was the day that Chappers (my husband) had been home alone with our dog (Rusty) in his man shed.

There was black engine oil all over the garage floor, sprayed over the lights, and the walls. The music was on….. but no Chappers or Rusty anywhere.

On closer inspection I noticed black oily dog prints, followed by large size 10 prints leaving the garage, and heading towards the back door, which yes you guessed it, was also covered in engine oil smears.

I hesitantly opened the back door to find the kitchen tiles black with engine oil. I listen carefully and heard the bath on upstairs……… following the black smears, i wandered up stairs wondering what i would find. I opened the bathroom door, and was faced with a room of steam, a soggy husband leaning over the bath, a dog covered in bubbles, and a bathroom covered in engine oil!!

Apparently something made rusty jump in the garage and she tipped over the used engine oil tub – Chappers was frantically washing her in the bath. The poor dog had been bathed 5 times, Chappers had broken sweat – and still black engine oil was coming off her……

Chappers is a typical man – he is very practical, enjoys making a mess, but not so good at clearing up – greasy finger prints here, muddy boot prints there, engine bits in the sink…… when it was the two of us he had no one to pass the blame on to. However, since we have had Rusty in our lives, she is his partner in crime. Now not only do I have Chappers marks left around the house, I have Rustys too – walls sprayed with mud (a sign of a good walk), muddy paw prints on the floor (another hole dug in the lawn), socks chewed and left on the floor (we now have have a large range of odd socks)….. but we wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I’m sure they both compete to see who can be the messiest. Both have so much love to give, that it is impossible to be mad with them for long. Now we just ensure everything is wipeable, easy clean and ….. Chappers and Rusty proof!!


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