This story was sent in to us recently. It’s a great example of how well Mammoth Beds are designed and manufactured for larger breeds. Thank you Steve for your wonderful story, I hope your dog recovers, which he will. God speed.

My name is Steve McKinley, and I cannot thank you enough for your
amazingly strong and comfortable dog beds.  Seriously, one of your dog
beds was rather instrumental in helping to save my dog’s life.

Last Sunday morning at 3am, I was awakened by my 9 year old 140 lb.
Newfoundland dog, Coda, who was (as always) lying in his mammoth large
dog bed.  Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to me, he had contracted a
serious kidney infection and was unable to move or even lift his head
on his own.  Also unfortunately, he and his dog bed were in the
basement of our house, and our car was in the garage (ie, my worst
nightmare).  I knew I had little choice but to try to get him to a vet
clinic, and the options seemed pretty limited.  So, I simply grabbed
one end of his dog bed, dragged him in the bed out the back door of the
basement, around the side of the house in the yard and up the hill,
then into the garage where I was able to lift him into the car and off
to a vet clinic (he is still there recovering, hopefully fully).

Without the Mammoth dog bed, I honestly don’t know if I would have been
able to get him to the garage.  It was extremely tough, and the walled
sides provided a barrier to falling out, which helped keep him
comfortable during the journey.  In addition, after washing the bed the
next day to get the grass and mud stains off of the bottom, it was as
good as new!

I realize this is kind of a strange message, but I really am very
grateful for the durability and comfort of your beds, our dogs love
them, and now I really do to!!  So, thanks very much for making the
best damn dog beds on the planet!


Steve McKinley