It’s That Time For An Outdoor Dog Bed

Does your dog spend most of his day outside? In the summer, dogs tend to be outside more often. Not just playing with other dogs or going for walks. If you have a fenced yard, then your dog is outside more often then the colder months. It’s still important to provide your dog with good support.

Remember that your probably spends most of his/her day laying down. For instance, if you are active, have a busy career that requires lots of mobility, then you can appreciate a comfortable chair to sit in. If you work from home, maybe you are sitting all day or at the office, you certainly sit all day right. It’s a major requirement to have good support for your head, back, your lumber and legs. It’s pretty much the same in dogs. They are active and need a good place to rest. A place they can rest peacefully.

I know my dog does not lay on the ground, grass or any area for too long unless it’s his bed. I can see that he is uncomfortable. He gets moves around a lot, digs to try and make himself more comfortable and especially comes to me for attention. Most times he wants attention when I am speaking to someone. Eating my lunch, or just sitting outside.But if I have an outdoor dog bed for him to lay on, he is content, doesn’t wiggle, dig or move. Just lays there in complete happiness and stares at me.

Mammoth offers some amazing outdoors beds. They are pricy but worth it. The outdoor dog bed is made from Cordura. A waterproof woven thick nylon. It’s like Kevlar, perhaps you have seen Cordura on sturdy backpacks or suitcases. It’s tough fabric that lasts a long time. Cordura is measured in denier. A unit of measurement, the greater the number, the better. A 600 denier Cordura is like windbreaker material. Double it to 1200 denier and it’s thicker then a potato sack or suitcase fabric.

If you get the 1200 denier Cordura outdoor dog bed, you can choose pillow options. The standard fill is appropriate for any dog and enough to support large breeds. But upgrade to the memory foam insert and you have a luxurious bed. Memory foam aids to support your dogs joints. Keep the pressure off and last a long time.

Isn’t it time your dog had something to lay on outdoors.


One thought on “It’s That Time For An Outdoor Dog Bed

  • I recently purchased your outdoor waterproof dog bed and my beagle loves it!!! This is the best outdoor bed I have found and, believe me, I had researched beds for the longest time and actually tried 2 others that I ended up returning. My Barney is older so I opted for the memory foam upgrade and it is the best!! It truly is waterproof and cleaning it is so easy! If you are looking for an outdoor dog bed, do not hesitate to try this one!
    Cynthia Wilson from PA

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