Darwin Needs A Mammoth Bed

Darwin the monkey at Ikea

Look at this picture, does Darwin look abused or neglected to you. He is dressed better then some kids I know. This is one spoiled monkey and makes my list of animals needing a dog bed. You see, if Darwin had a Mammoth Bed in the car, he would have never left the car to go inside Ikea. Probable, I think so.

In case you haven’t heard, Yasmin Nakhuda is a real estate lawyer who took her son shopping. Darwin, is a rhesus macaque monkey from Asia. He let himself out of the car and went looking for Yasmin. He was later caught in Ikea by Animal control and detained.

Yasmin takes great care of Darwin as we do with dogs. It is her son as my dog is my son. Funny how that seems, but it’s true. Should Darwin be detained in a sanctuary. Yasmin has no contact with Darwin and we know he misses her.

This is definitely one of those touchy political subjects, however Yasmin is fighting in court. She mentioned that even if she had to build a sanctuary for Darwin, that would be what she wants to do. She just wants her son back.

As with most wild animals, they are cute and most can be domesticated. Wild animals also have needs that humans can’t provide. I also have a girl and I know when she goes in heat, she can search for any dog in the neighborhood that is a good suitor. With monkeys unfortunately, they can get very violent and must be in the wild or contained.

Building a sanctuary can be a good option and finding a mate might be another. Just like we do with dogs. We provide a good home, possibly a mate or second dog and absolutely a Mammoth Dog Bed or two.

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