Keep Your Large Dog Comfy This Holiday Season With A Mammoth Bed

Depending on how cold it gets out where you live, your large dog might be spending a little more time indoors this holiday season, and with that comes a good deal of lounging around. After all, who among us – human or dog – doesn’t enjoy a little bit of lazing during the dark winter months. With the increase in indoor hours, however, comes an increased emphasis on how comfortable the dog’s bed is, whether it can sustain long naps without collapsing, whether it can withstand the snow and dirt that might get dragged its way, and whether it eases rather than aggravates their joints, which might become sensitive in the cold.

If you’re looking for a winter workhouse of a dog bed, built strong enough to last countless holiday seasons, check out our dog beds at Mammoth Outlet which are customized to accommodate different breeds and sizes. Dogs form real emotional attachments to their beds and toys, and come to view them as safe havens in times of distressing novelty around the home. And large breeds especially rely on specifically designed support in order to mitigate certain illnesses they’re predisposed to, like arthritis, hip dysplasia and muscle aches. At Mammoth, we aim to make dog beds that keep dogs comfy throughout the year, and we’re certain that, given a Mammoth bed, your large dog will enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating holiday season, free of discomfort and distress.

The cold of the holiday season can be taxing on a dog’s joints, especially it they’re an elderly dog, a large dog, or a breed of dog predisposed to joint pain. Luckily, Mammoth dog beds come with either high memory filling or memory foam, both of which provide relief and assuagement from discomfort. Large dogs, especially, can suffer from bone weakness and joint issues as they age, so it’s important to get your large dog a proper bed that fits its size and has high memory filling. Likewise, if your dog is getting on in years, showing less and less interest in running around outdoors, and just needs somewhere comfortable to rest their head, find the perfect size dog bed for them on our site and give them a little holiday present.

Another way that a comfy dog bed comes in handy during the holiday season is that it acts as a respite spot amid all the human craziness. When you’re sautéing onions for your turkey stuffing, or greeting guests at the door, or vacuuming (God forbid, you’d need to break out the dreaded vacuum!) your dog is going to want a comfortable, quiet spot where it can go. Scout out a corner of your home that’s relatively separate from all the action, and put one of our Mammoth Outlet dog beds there along with a couple favourite toys and a blanket – pure doggy bliss. The last thing you want to worry about, if you’re cleaning up or entertaining guests, is a stressed out pup – as reviews of our dog beds attest, they’ll keep your pup calm and relaxed.

large dog on snow

But the dog will still need to go outside, and when they do, they’re going to get dirty. Dogs are like homing devices set to mud and slush. They love the stuff. The problem is, when they get back inside, they track it all over their beds, and if their beds aren’t stain resistant or easily washable, it can mean the situation quickly goes from dirty to very dirty. Mammoth outlet dog beds are, as you might’ve guessed, both stain resistant and washable, in addition to being anti-bacterial, meaning your has a clean place to call its own this holiday season.

Finally, the real reason to keep your large dog comfy this holiday season is because you love the big goof. The holidays are a time of giving and generosity – two qualities that dogs display throughout the year – so it only seems right to give our four-legged friends a thoughtful gift. The gift of relaxation, the gift of comfort and cleanliness and a “time out” from all the holiday bustling – a Mammoth Outlet dog bed offers all that. Plus, a relaxed dog is a dog that’s less likely to sneak into the kitchen while you’re entertaining guests, and get into the turkey!