Have a hassle-free trip to the lake-house or campsite this summer when you take your Mammoth bed along! It keeps big dogs happy and out of your hair while they nap.

Whether you’ve got a Great Pyreneese or a Great Dane, those big dogs can be difficult to travel with. They need lots of snacks, attention, and regular exercise, and because their joints are more sensitive than most, their sleeping habits are very important. If you’re travelling to visit friends or family this summer, or planning to head out to the cottage or campsite, here are some things to keep in mind so that you and your larger-than-average pup can take it easy and have a good time.

Great Dane



Make sure to bring your Mammoth for easy comfort and real rest, because large canine hip and elbow joints are especially fragile and prone to aches and pains. Sleeping in the car can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be all bad if your pup’s got his bed to stretch out in. The bed also comes with familiar smells, a soft and supportive removable pillow, and high memory fill for superior comfort. When you do get to where you’re going, there probably won’t be a couch or extra bed that your furry friend’s allowed to get up on and slobber all over. Especially if there are other guests around, and they too have dogs, it’s important to get your extra large bed so nobody gets too territorial about sleeping quarters. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about that tough canvas cover getting dirty or destroyed, because it’s designed for durability and outdoor resilience. Check out our FAQ page to learn more about the Cordura, fibers, and fill that the beds are made out of.


Car Rides

For a lot of people, a long car ride with a dog seems stressful, since you have to stop every couple of hours for a bathroom break and stretch those legs out. Remember, though, that it’s much more stressful to leave your dog behind with someone who doesn’t know all his quirks and whims, and then worry about him throughout your trip. Cottages and camping are made for your companion, so bring him along! But make sure you do take breaks while driving, spend time wandering in green patches, and bring a couple of preferred toys to throw around so that you’re both still getting exercise and not just standing in a parking lot.


Snacks and Water

It takes a lot of food to keep those long legs going! Make sure you’ve got healthy snacks and meals prepared for your journey. It’s much easier to plan everything out in advance, prep the dog’s meals in pre-measured portions and have sealable containers on hand than wonder about his dinner when he’s hungry and restless. Balance out any high-calorie treats with things like apples and carrots, which provide a sweet and satisfying crunch without being fatty. And make sure your pup stays hydrated, because these hot summer months mean lots of sunshine!