This Summer, Address Territorial Behaviours with your Mammoth


Solve Puppy’s Territory Issues on the Cottage Trip This Year

What’s the first thing your pup does when you get to the campsite, cottage, or lake-house every year? Most likely, he marks his territory by spreading his scent around the edge of the property that he feels belongs to the group. This is extremely common behaviour in canines — they are descended from wolves, after all, and many of those behaviours persist in their genes today. In outdoor areas that are full of other dogs, your pet will feel the need to establish dominance in the spaces that he uses, whether it’s appropriate or not. Signs of urine marking range from your dog leaving sprinkles of urine on vertical structures like trees, bushes, poles, tent lines, or even furniture, to aggressive and possessive behaviour towards strangers and other dogs.

Solve Puppy's Territory Issues on the Cottage Trip This Year Image

How do you stop this from persisting? Well, one thing to keep in mind is that pups engage in this to feel safer and more protected. You can help them along in feeling like they have their own domain by providing them with a space that truly belongs only to them. Our oblong and donut beds are a great way to go about this, especially because they’re specifically designed with a shape for curling up in. Dogs of every size love to sleep nose-to-tail, and the low walls of the bed serve as a great spot to rest the head.

Because they create the feeling of having a space which no one else will encroach on, our premium quality beds are perfect for multiple-pet households. When each of your furry friends has their own napping and resting spot, they tend to create less conflict among themselves, and co-exist with the sensation that they’re equally loved and valued.

Additionally, our Mammoth beds provide more support and superior comfort than any other dog beds on the market today. That’s because they’re specifically engineered to address spine and joint issues, provide cushioning, and stay soft for a lifetime. Other beds go flat after repeated use, are difficult to clean, and often the wrong size. They’re absolutely incapable of meeting your dog’s needs, because they don’t take into account actual canine behaviours and the science behind them. Instead of wasting money on products that repeatedly fall out of use, invest in a product that is guaranteed to last.

Knowing that their purchase genuinely addresses the joint pain, defensiveness, and territorial aggression that a beloved dog is experiencing is very important to our clients. That’s why we continue to create products that are manufactured to be as safe, durable, and long-lasting as possible. The tough canvas, micro-fibre, and Cordura of our beds is made to survive chewing, playing, and machine washing cycles, so you can take it with you wherever you go this summer. With removable covers, they simply couldn’t be easier to clean and dry. They’re flea-resistant and mildew-resistant too, so those long hours napping won’t create any mold or moisture damage. Give your pup his own territory! He’ll only love you more for it.


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