Why Your Dog Needs An Outdoor Dog Bed For Spring

A dog bed is not just for indoor use, dogs require beds wherever they like to hang out. It is not uncommon for pet owners to have several different dog beds all over the house, one in the dogs room,  a crate bed for their crate at night, a dog bed in the living room to keep them off the human furniture, one in your bedroom to keep them off  your bed at night,  and don’t forget the kitchen for the hired help who like to clean up the floor during food prep and participate while we prepare our own meals.

Now that we have the indoors taken care of, we need to remember the great outdoors, a nice waterproof outdoor dog bed by the pool or on the deck/porch for sunbathing, a cozy outdoor bed with a bolster for camping and resting after a long days hike. What about the cottage/ summer home? After swimming all day they need a nice durable outdoor bed that won’t get wet and mucky from their day’s excursions. Hunting season? After working all day retrieving, our pets need a suitable, easy to carry outdoor bed to take on your hunting trips. Whatever the need, Mammoth has it taken care of, we cater to your dogs needs, from puppy hood to geriatrics, we have just the right bed for your furry companion, we do not discriminate on size.

Specializing in large breeds, choose Mammoth today.


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