Worlds Large Dogs And Zorba

Well looking at this picture, I know this dog was a handful. Measuring a whopping 8 feet long and 343 pounds, yes that was 343 pounds. He made the Guinness Book Of World Records and still would have held his title if alive today. Chris Ericlieds of London England was his owner. If there was any large dogs known in the world, it was Zorba which is an English Mastiff. The unusual things was that Zorba was actually a lean dog. I mean this dog was perfect and lived until 13 years of age.

English Mastiffs are one of the friendly giants. They don’t need too much exercise and are more then lazy in nature. Mastiffs are great with kids and are very loyal. If a stranger entered the home, the mastiff would place itself in between the master and the visitor until the master would give the OK. I would have loved to meet Zorba. Can you imagine him jumping on you and playing on the floor. I bet he loved to cuddle. Perhaps an extra extra large dog bed is just what Zorba needed.


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