Home Depot Bans Dogs

Home Depot may ban dogs?

After a whole day at home alone, how many times have we been convinced by our furry companions that they just want to be by our side? Well, in Ottawa Ontario, this story captured everyone’s attention this week. An elderly lady did just that. She went to the Home Depot with her Shihtzu in the shopping cart. She proceeded to pick up something from another aisle leaving her dog unattended for a moment. While doing so a Home Depot representative goes over to the dog and the dog bites the Sales woman on the nose causing several stitches. The Sales woman is now suing the customer. Since this incident, The Home Depot is deliberating on banning all dogs from the store period.

I take my dog to the local Home Depot all the time. He is well manored and very friendly. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and loves people. My thoughts on this story… children are taught at a young age not to approach a dog and always ask the dog owner to pet the animal. This is a general rule….As an adult the sales lady should have known better. The dog was defending its territory. Don’t approach a dog you don’t know, especially get your face near the dog, its common sense. I don’t care how cute the dog is…I stand for the dog owner.

The proper procedure to approach a dog you don’t know is ….
1) Ask the dog owner if you can touch the dog.
2) If dog is alone, don’t touch it.
3) If you have permission, stretch our your hand and let the dog smell you.
4) If the dog is ok with you, you will know by his actions, tail up, licks your hand, pushes forward and wants to be petted.
5) If the dogs tail is down, leave it.
6) Mostly, if you don’t know the dog, leave it alone.

What have we learned, don’t approach dogs you don’t know. duh


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