giving your dog medication

Have you ever tried to give your dog it’s daily medication only to find out the pill was on the floor and not digested. If this has happened to you, then listen up.
First, what is your dog’s favorite treat. Meatball, cheese, favorite wet food etc.
Second, is this medication for stomach problems. If so, omit step one and see below.

Easiest method is to test if your dog will eat the treat. Success – he ate it, then insert the pill into the treat and make sure it is small enough to swallow without chewing. You don’t want your dog to bite the pill and taste it, because this will not work second time around.
If you can’t give your dog a treat because of stomach issues, then follow these instructions on how to give your dog it’s daily meds.
1)    Make sure you have the pill/liquid ready to use.
2) Prepare a comfortable position or dog’s favorite spot.
3) Good idea to have an extra person to help and comfort your dog.
4) Tilt the head slightly back holding the upper jaw with lips folded over the top front teeth.
5) Open the mouth as wide as possible with a clear passage way to the back of the throat.
6) Toss in the pill as far back as possible.
7) Still holding the head tilted up, close the mouth and gently message the neck area downwards.
8) Watch for the swallow and comfort your dog.
9) Very important, make sure the pill is not on the floor or your dog spit it out. If so, repeat.
All else fails, you might have to crumble the pill down to powder making sure you don’t loose the recommended quantity and sprinkle with wet food or meat. Can’t give your dog any treats, then place powder in liquid such as water or water with a bit of honey. Then follow the steps above from 1 to 9.
Good luck, please post your comments and experiences.