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Thought I would post this picture and customer comment from a wonderful happy customer. My GSP Dexter just received his XXL Mammoth dog bed yesterday and he COULD NOT be happier. He is very spoiled on sleeping on the sofa and our beds so I was very worried whether he would like it. I [...]

Mammoth Dog Beds Prescription During The Holidays

During the busy work week...all the shopping...dealing with the kids...don't forget your most valuable member of the family. It's always a good prescription to spend some time with your dog and cuddle. Why not do it together on a Mammoth dog bed. Because with a Mammoth bed,  you can. I have found myself laying with [...]

Why Your Dog Needs An Outdoor Dog Bed For Spring

A dog bed is not just for indoor use, dogs require beds wherever they like to hang out. It is not uncommon for pet owners to have several different dog beds all over the house, one in the dogs room,  a crate bed for their crate at night, a dog bed in the living room [...]

Mammoth Donut Dog Couch – New Design Just Released

Superior Quality @ The Right Price - Mammoth has just released the ultimate in a dog couch. This couch is designed to last with repetitive double stitching. The bolster stays propped up on the pillow base that is filled with a high memory engineered fiber fill. The feel of this dog couch is like laying [...]

Last Splash Of Summer – Get Your Dog A Bed

Well, here is a reminder of summer...Winter is around the corner and it's time to get that dog off the floor. If you havn't picked out your dog bed now, don't wait until the holidays. It's always better to plan early and not be disappointed during the holidays. Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hunukah....your dog should [...]

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