Great Dane Dog Bed

Great Danes have Many Skeletal Issues, So Buy the Right Bed

A Great Bed for your Great Dane The Great Dane is a German breed best known for its towering size! Great Dane puppies have the ability to knock over lamps, coffee tables, even not-so-small children when they get excited. They call them Great for a reason, and are also lovingly known as Gentle Giants. What’s[…]

Pure-bred Dogs More Likely To Need Orthopedic Dog Beds? New Study Finds Not Necessarily

In a new study published in the June first issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, researchers found pure breeds to be equally as likely to suffer from hip dysplasia (along with 12 other genetic disorders) as mixed-breeds are.  ( While all dogs can suffer from hip dysplasia, it was thought[…]