Pure-bred Dogs More Likely To Need Orthopedic Dog Beds? New Study Finds Not Necessarily

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In a new study published in the June first issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, researchers found pure breeds to be equally as likely to suffer from hip dysplasia (along with 12 other genetic disorders) as mixed-breeds are.  ( http://avmajournals.avma.org/toc/javma/242/11)

While all dogs can suffer from hip dysplasia, it was thought that pure breeds were more likely to suffer than mixed breeds.  Now a recent study, involving over 90,000 dogs, found that mixed breeds are just as likely to be affected.

Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia may have a tough time standing up and settling back down into their beds.   They will often experience pain when they sit or lie down too long in one position.  This type of pressure on their hip joints can result in inflammation and pain, affecting all aspects of a dog’s life.

Mammoth dog beds have orthopedic dog beds that are designed to be therapeutic in nature, helping to reduce the pain and limited mobility common with hip dysplasia.  These beds are designed to help with the symptoms of hip dysplasia (as well as other joint and skeletal issues such as arthritis IVDD and OCD) by:

1. Reducing pressure on the joints and limbs. The design of these orthopedic beds keeps the weight evenly distributed throughout the bed, reducing pressure on joints.

2. Supporting your dog as he/she tries to get up or lie down.  The foam in the beds can help your dog get up and lie down with less pain.

3. Keeping the joints warm.  The first movements of the day, when the joints are not yet ‘warmed up’, can be some of the most painful for your pet. Hip dysplasia is known to show more symptoms in cold and damp weather.   Mammoth orthopedic dog beds help to keep the joints warm and supported.

Whether a dog is a pure bred or a mixed-breed, hip dysplasia can threaten their quality of life. Mammoth orthopedic dog beds are there to help alleviate the pressure and the pain and prolong a strong and happy life for your dog.



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