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Give Your Large Dog The Support And Comfort It Needs

Keep Your Large Dog Comfy This Holiday Season With A Mammoth Bed Depending on how cold it gets out where you live, your large dog might be spending a little more time indoors this holiday season, and with that comes a good deal of lounging around. After all, who among us – human or dog[…]

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Before You Get A Big Dog Get A Big Dog Bed At Mammoth Outlet

Looking To Get A Large Dog? Here’s The Starter Pack! The “Starter pack” (sometimes called the starter kit) is a funny Internet meme that’s been going around, consisting of a series of panels meant to illustrate a certain type of person – for instance, in this starter kit list, the “college kid starter pack” consists[…]

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What To Consider When Choosing A Dog Bed

What To Consider When Choosing A Dog Bed A good night sleep is essential for starting each new day off on the right foot, which is equally true for your dog to start everyday on the right paw. It’s no secret that every dog enjoys an active lifestyle but also needs to rely on their[…]

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This Summer, Your Dog Will Enjoy Time Away In Comfort

Tips For When You’re Taking Your Canine Up To The Cottage It’s finally summer and families are now beginning to plan for warm weather outings. Going up to the cottage for example is a perfect way to unwind over the weekend without extensive preparation or hassle, and for those who have four-legged companions, it’s an[…]


Your Big, Loveable Newfoundland Deserves A Better Bed

Sweet, Devoted, and Patient: Spotlight On The Newfoundland Dog The Newfoundland is a great, strong dog breed lovingly named after the Canadian province where many were used as working dogs to pull nets for fishermen, or to haul timber across large expanses of terrain. They made for the ideal working dog because they were so[…]

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Why You Should Buy A Hypoallergenic Bed For Your Dog This Spring

Mammoth Outlet’s Hypoallergenic Beds Provide Comfort Similar to people, dogs can exhibit symptoms of allergies to certain substances within their environment. Commonly, canines can interact with the outdoors without it posing discomfort or harm to their health, but there are breeds more prone to skin irritations, respiratory or digestive issues as a result of allergies[…]