How to Create an Incredibly Pet-Friendly Home for Less

We here at Mammoth Outlet know exactly how much you love your pets. In fact, so many of us have pets of our own that designing and manufacturing to meet different dog breeds’ specific needs has become second nature. Because we love seeing our dogs happy, healthy, and fulfilled, we’re always looking for ways to make our own homes more pet-friendly, less dangerous, and easier to maintain. Below are some ideas to help you make life with your lovely animals easy and fun.


  1. Obviously, safety comes first where our beloved creatures are concerned. Some substances, like human medications, cleaning products, antifreeze, and other chemicals are a no-brainer to store out of reach of your pets. Others, though, might not be so obvious. Make sure that toilet lids are kept down, especially if you use automatic bowl cleaners, and ensure that window screens are in place and sufficiently sturdy to avoid falls.


  1. The best way to make sure that your pets are doing well is to designate a room that they spend a lot of time in as primarily theirs. Keep their food bowls, toys, and Mammoth beds in this area, so that all the smells are their own. In addition to creating a feeling of safety and security, this will always prevent the animals from sneaking into washers, dryers, drawers, and low cupboards and hanging out in spaces that are potentially dangerous for them.


  1. To help keep things tidy, try to buy as many things as possible with removable covers or non-staining fabrics. Leather and faux suede are easy to wipe and down and don’t soak in any liquid, whereas carpet and fabrics retain moisture and facilitate the growth of bacteria and germs. Mammoth beds are designed with these problems specifically so that if there’s ever a mess or an accident, you can easily unzip and machine-wash the material without damaging the memory foam interior. Plus, those same covers have anti-bacterial linings, so that if a wet dog gets into bed, there’s no chance of that damp mildew smell settling in.rotti-happy

A great space to sleep, eat, and play in, combined with consistent routines, lots of exercise, and high-quality nutrition will ensure that your dogs are living their best lives in your home. With Mammoth beds, they’ll not only be getting great sleep, but they’ll also have joints that are protected from hard floors and cushioned with high-grade ortho foam so that ligaments and muscles don’t wear down and cause pain. Lots of pet diseases are near impossible to predict, but hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as arthritis, are two issues that you can start taking preventative measures against immediately. Protect those joints! And protect your dogs.