Heat, Monitor Your Dog!

happy dog

During the summer months and especially August, I don’t have to tell you that temperatures can soar well above 100. I have been hearing many cases of people leaving their dog in the hot car or outdoors without shade and water. This is a major NO NO and can be dealt with a fine and even imprisonment if caught.

“The main issue is if you are sweating your pants off, you can bet that your dog is hotter. Dogs are normally 2 Celsius hotter then humans, so if you are hot or thirsty, your dog is even hotter. Keep that rule of thumb and do not leave your dog in any hot car even with the windows down for longer then five minutes. If you do, and your dog over-heats, you can cause brain damage and impairment of motor skills plus many other minor illnesses.  The damage in most cases is permanent.

Going to the store, leave your dog at home in a air conditioned environment. Yes, picking up that forgotten item that should take five minutes but takes fifteen minutes to purchase is too long to leave your dog in a hot car. It’s not fair to your dog so, please, be extra careful in the summer months.


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