Mammoth Dog Beds

Vet Recommended orthopedic dog bed for all breeds to be used for ailments and preventative care

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Your dog is your baby, right from the moment they enter your home, you nurture and care for this cute and cuddly little creature that brings you so much joy. It's not long before your dog gets larger. Along with proper diet, buying an orthopedic dog bed is mandatory for long term health. If your dog is laying on the floor, listen up; because you can prevent things like hip dysplasia, arthritis, elbow disease,  Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Osteochondrosis Dessicans (OCD) and many other skeletal issues.

An orthopedic dog bed should give your dog the utmost support for your dog's skeletal system. You will be glad to know all of our dog beds offer orthopedic properties. Our orthopedic dog beds selection covers all areas offering soft support, firm support, organic latex and memory foam for even pressure distribution. Mammoth Dog Beds are vet recommended, we cater to all breeds and sizes. We have been providing comfort to puppies, adults, seniors and special needs since 1995. Mammoth offers several different pillow options aiming to provide the best in comfort for your dogs needs, no matter what size or health condition, you can rely on Mammoth to give you the best for your dog at the best price.

 Mammoth uses furniture industry grade materials and gives you more value for your money then any other dog bed manufacturer. We offer the best hygienic support in a dog bed your dog can get when it comes to your small to extra large breed. Washing is made simple with our easy removable covers. The inner pillow is fantastic and is a dog bed in itself. We guarantee Mammoth beds will be cherished by you and your loved one.

Beware of knock offs, many products are now coming from overseas. Even if they say it's made in the USA, they actually mean assembled/packaged in the USA. Many cheaper products will use any recycled fill available that offers no immediate or long term orthopedic support for your dogs needs. In most cases, using these lower grade beds will do more harm over the long term.

Surround your dog with a luxury dog bed. First time purchasing a Mammoth? Don’t be surprised, after one night on our orthopedic beds, most of our canine customers won’t get up to eat breakfast.