• Great Dane Dog Bed

     great dane dog bed
    101-200+Ib Capacity (55" x 42")

    Industrial strength canvas cover
    High memory - virgin upholstery fiber fill
    Removable / reversible cushion
    Removable covers
    Easy Velcro system
    Stain resistant
    100% machine wash/dryable
    Anti odor
    ScotchgardTM fabric protector
    Soft and moldable
    Orthopedic qualities
    Easily transportable
    Can fit into any decor

    Years Of Expertise

    This dog bed was designed for the Great Dane, whom require a larger bed.  This Great Dane in the picture above, completely fits into the extra large oblong 55 inch x 42 inch. For the giant Great Danes who reach larger height, the extra extra large was created, and can fit 2 Great Danes easily. We recommend the orthopedic density foam option for optimal support. You can also upgrade to the memory foam extra large oblong to provide superior support and comfort for your Extra Large Breed.

    Mammoth beds are durable and mold to your dog's body. Composed of a removable gigantic inner pillow for travel, and a cozy ring for support. The covers remove easily with a trouble free Velcro seal, located on both the pillow and outer ring. The engineered filling is made from a non-clumping, hypo- allergenic, high memory virgin industrial fiber fill, which offers orthopedic and long-lasting qualities. 

    The entire bed is completely washable and the high memory upholstery fiber fill bounces back after every use.

    Choose from an industrial strength upholstery canvas, denims and microfibers which are a polyester/cotton construction. The upholstery grade material is made to withstand the daily wear and tear of your dog, and looks better with every wash. Only the highest quality thread is used to create a professional double serge for added strength. Don't settle for less. When it comes to superior quality, no other bed compares.

    Mammoth offers superior quality, luxury dog beds at a great price.

    We guarantee you will want a second.

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    Mammoth Great Dane Dog Bed
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  • Origin Of Great Danes
  • The Great Dane is known by many different names throughout the world. They are known as the German mastiff and Grand Danois, among others. Even though there is little dispute that the Great Dane hails from Germany, the English chose to name the dog after his French name of Grand Danois. In 1885 the Great Dane Club of England was formed and by 1891, the Great Dane Club of America was organized and the breed standard established. From that point the Great Dane became popular all over the world.
    The American Kennel Club recognizes the Great Dane as a working class breed.