What Size Should I Get?
Please measure your dog from head to base of tail. Use the dimensions to fit your into a Mammoth Dog Bed. Add about 8 inches and you have your new bed fitting. More below.
What Is The Difference Between Pillow Options?
The high memory upholstery fiber comes standard on all dog beds. It's an engineered lofty fill designed by Mammoth to last, be bouyant, and fully washable. More Below.
Round Or Rectangular?
Round dog beds are better for dogs that like to curl. Oblongs or rectangular are best for dogs that like to stretch out.
Lifetime Warranty?
Rest assured all of our dog beds offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects.
How Do You Ship?
We use UPS, and USPS to ship your order. There are no duties or extra charges within the USA.
Please chat live with us for any concerns are sign into your account and talk to us.
What size should I get?

To properly match a Mammoth dog bed to your dog's sleeping arrangement, choose your breed. If you have a dog that is larger than the average breed size, you might want to get a larger size. Rul-Dog If still unsure, measure your dog from head to tail, in your dog's most common sleeping pattern. You can add a bit of extra space for dogs that like to stretch out. All dimensions listed on our website are outside measurements. dogB

What fabric should I get?

Mammoth dog beds offer durable upholstery grade 12 to 38oz cotton canvas, denims, microsuedes, microfibers, nylons and Cordura.
Some of the deisgner fabrics can be a combonation of fabric types. If the fabric is not a solid color, it's labled as designer. Microsuedes and designer fabrics may require a little more care when washing. Canvas and denims are the most popular, a cotton or cotton blend. Microfibers, microsuedes, and designer fabrics are a polyester or polyester blend.

Chat with us if you have any questions about our fabrics.

What happens if my dog eats the filling?

The inner filling is safe to eat. If swallowed, it will come out during regular bowel movements. Excluding any foam products.

Why is a Velcro closure system better than a zipper?

Velcro offers supreme durability over zippers. Zippers don't last, if chewed, it is very easy for a link to break thus rendering the zipper useless. Zippers have also been known to stab the dog in the back causing irritation and destruction of the zipper.

My dog loves to chew, will Mammoth hold up?

Mammoth dog beds are made tough and to last. Our regular canvas, available on most beds, is thick and long lasting and gets better over time. If your dog chews a hole in the bed, you have the option of purchasing a replacement cover or repairing your existing cover. We will get that bed together for you either way.


Cordura outdoor pet bed. This bed is twice as strong as 1680 nylon and is waterproof.

Will My Mammoth Dog Bed Flatten?

No, our engineered high memory fiber stays full and supportive year after year. And with every wash, it looks like new. That's the best feature about our fiber. The fiber is designed to fluff up in the wash. Just wash in luke warm water and dry with low to no heat.

The Mammoth orthopedic foam and memory foam is provided as an option on some beds. The design and quality that Mammoth offers will guarantee that it will never flatten. It's recommended for seniors and heavy dogs that need support in concentrated areas such as elbows, joints and hips. The Mammoth orthopedic foam can support more then 300 lbs for years and provide much needed relief for ailments.  More on Ortho foam

Can you wash the inner filling?

Yes, you can wash the entire bed complete or remove the covers and wash only the covers or inner components. Please see the tag attached to your product for washing instructions.

My dog has hip dysplasia, is there enough padding?

Mammoth dog beds are made from a specially engineered high memory upholstery grade fiber fill, which means that the fill will bounce back after every use.
Only the best materials go into a Mammoth bed. Mammoth also features a high wall for support that will guarantee a good night's rest. In comparison to other dog beds,
Mammoth delivers a higher amount of fill per square inch and engineers every design to your dog. We bring you years of expertise.

For dogs with any ailements or senior dogs, please see....

Medical ortho foam  High memory foam  Latex foam 

Why should I buy a Mammoth?

Mammoth dog beds offer durable American made upholstery grade 12-38oz canvas, denims, microfibers, engineered high memory virgin upholstery fiber fill, and  lasting Velcro fasteners for easy washing. All Mammoth pet beds are shipped direct from the manufacturer to ensure the best possible price. Mammoth's quality far surpasses it's competitors, giving more value for your money. Purchase your Mammoth now and see the difference for yourself. 

Mammoth does not use inferior products such as batting, recycled fleece, recycled fiber, cedar chips,  and any other foreign substance in bed production.

Mammoth has proven to be the best dog bed since 1995 and our customers who still give us rave comments after 10 to 20 years of ownership is the reason we continue to deliver the best quality. We love your pictures so please send them in. 

Why your dog needs an orthopedic dog bed?

As your pet gets older, he or she may begin to experience joint problems like arthritis. Large dog breeds in particular seem to develop joint and muscle issues as they grow older. It only makes sense—they have more weight to carry around on their four legs. In order to give your pets the support they need, it’s very important to invest in an orthopedic dog bed

Don’t wait until your dog develops health problems. If your dog is given a quality dog bed, a healthy diet and lots of exercise from puppy-hood, then they’ll be less likely to develop problems later on in life.

We have implemented a foam option on some beds if you prefer. Rest assured the high memory or density foam will outperform most others. All our foam products are wrapped in a water resistant polypropylene liner to protect from mold and bacteria.

Is Mammoth water resistant?

Water repellent means that if your puppy, litter or dog dirties, slobbers or defecates, it will not soak into the inner cushion and can be wiped off. An extra added feature on most products. If waterproofing is your main concern, please see, Outdoor  dog bed. If you have an incontinent dog or want extra protection for your pillow, please see  nylon liners

Anti Odor Scotchgard TM fabric protector?

Anti Odor Scotchgard TM Fabric Protector

Keeps fabrics cleaner and looking newer longer by helping to repel spills, stains and soils. No odors can penetrate you dog's bed. An added feature on most fabrics.

What is the lifetime warranty all about?

Our lifetime warranty covers manufacturer defects. If a defect is suspected, please notify us upon reciept. If a problem arrises after 30 days, we can replace or repair the item at anytime. Shipping fees may apply depending on your location. We will stand behind our products all the way. Get the best dog bed today. Choose Mammoth.

Track My Order?

You can track your order status and delivery information in your account. Sign in and view. If you didn't create an account, a tracking number will still be emailed to you upon the order leaving our warehouse. Please allow 3 to 5 days to receive notice and or delivery. Our regular order processing times are 7 to 10 business days from the date of the order. 

Your order can also be tracked on UPS.com

All orders are sent via UPS and can be tracked on UPS.com
You will need to know the telephone number used for the shipping address of your order.

Input the 10 digit telephone number including dashes Ex. 555-555-5555in the reference field.

Please note that once your order is shipped, a tracking number is sent to the e-mail provided on your order. We urge you to double check your e-mail folders including the spam folder as some characters in the tracking number might not pass your filter settings.... If it has been more then 7 business days and you did not get a tracking number, please contact us.

Memory foam explained?

To learn more about memory foam and othopedic beds, please click here

What is latex foam?

Latex foam is the best solution for any foam based laying surface area. It is more costly, but lasts a lifetime. To find out more, click here

How can I order replacement parts?

If you need an extra set of covers for your Mammoth Dog Bed and didn't order it or it was not available as an option, please email us with your request. We need your info to match up the cover to the dog bed you purchased. 

If you need to order an orthopedic mattress for your dog bed and you didn't add it to your order during checkout, please email us here with your details. 

If you need any replacement parts at all, we can always accommodate you however can only do so if you have an order with us in the past. Please email here

I have a question that is not here?

Please use our search feature at the bottom pf the page. Still can't find what you are looking for, CHAT with us or contact us

Submit Your Review

To submit a review, please navigate to the page you purchased from and click the "reviews" tab. Complete a new review.  To submit pictures and a review, click here. All else fails, click here

Mammoth Dog Beds Cross Section

This diagram shows the construction of a Mammoth.
You get a separate reversible pillow that can be used anywhere and a ring for
comfort and support. The pillow and ring offer removable covers that make it
easy to wash on a regular basis. This allows the dog bed to fully decontaminate
in the wash cycle and keeps your bed looking new every time.


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