Weighing the Benefits of Pet Microchip Identification

For those of you who keep beloved pets, you know how important a part of the family an animal can be. And of course, those of us who have pets should do everything we can to keep them safe. Lately, it seems there have been more and more advertisements for pet microchip identification services. So is pet microchip identification the wave of the future or is it just another way to throw away our money? Can I hear GPS? Your thoughts…


One thought on “Weighing the Benefits of Pet Microchip Identification

  • I think adding any kind of indentification is absolutely fantastic. I have had dogs go missing fom the handler. Thank G that the phone number was on the tags and he was wearing it.
    Does anyone know of a GPS chip provider. I think tracking through Global positioning is the best way to go. Microchip scanners can’t read all chips.

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