Think about it…

Okay, so we all love our pets. A lot. Enough to let them sleep in our beds. And while our pets are very lovable, one needs to consider where they wander. Most are curious, inquisitive, especially puppies. On a rainy day they come home covered in mud. When out for a walk they come back covered in brambles. And while it can be very annoying at times, they are cute enough that we forgive them. However, do consider that there are just some things that dogs go in that humans would detest. And while we think it cute, we need to be aware that there are alternative places for them to sleep. Dog beds are most common, as a comfortable alternative to your own bed. Yes, dogs can be very cute teddy bears, but we should be aware that they’re not the cleanest creatures. Love them all the same, treat them as you would normally, and sure, if you’re not too picky, let them remain in your bed. Just remember that there are alternatives.


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