Table Scraps

Those puppy dog eyes gaze into yours, pleading for just a bit of food.  You look at your plate, look at your dog, and then back at your plate.  Do you feed him your food?

While each of us takes care of our dogs differently, we need to be aware of what foods can harm our dogs and what can’t.  For example, certain ‘human foods’ should not be given to dogs, because they can seriously harm your dog (foods like chocolate).  Not to mention, feeding the dog table scraps is giving them more food on top of what they’ve already eaten, which is not very good from them either.  We need to be aware that our dogs should (preferably) not be eating out food.  There are a wide variety of foods out there that dogs can eat and that are healthy for them.  Human food could make your dog sick, and no one wants that.

So next time you want to feed your dog scarps, think: will this food make my dog sick? If you know it won’t, and you’re okay with it, then go ahead.  But for those of you who don’t know, think before you feed your dog table scraps.


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