One Dog Or Two

We have all wondered about getting a playmate for our lonely dog. Maybe the dog needs more dog time..more wolf pack time. Won’t that take away from my time with my beloved. I pondered it many times. I want my dog to be happy, but am I happy?

What to do? Get two!
We got a dog companion for our dog. After he turned 3 we figured it was safe to introduce a new puppy, after all he is a teenager now. So off we went to the breeders to pick her from the litter. During the car ride home our dog was shocked that this little puppy was joining us, already pinning for our attention 5 min into the ride, he went to the back with his head down and let out a big sigh. This was the beginning of a new chapter for him, he no longer had us solely to himself. The next morning was like Christmas, he couldn’t wait to wake up to see if the puppy was still there, and soon, best friends they became. Our long awaited consideration to get another puppy proved to be a wonderful decision that has filled our home with lots of love and joy.
Our puppy soon took the cues from our male as to what was and was not acceptable behaviour in the house. Learning to sit, stay and leave it, she is quickly learning his bad habits too. A training flaw we are quickly trying to curb. While our male is polite and doesn’t counter surf, jump over gates or open doors, our smart witted female does. Together with their talents they can quickly clean off a party platter, drink a toilet bowl to themselves and tear up the lawn with their silly antics. Watching our fur babies frolicking in fun, there is so much joy another dog brings to the family for many years to come.



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