Mammoth Donut Dog Couch – New Design Just Released

Designer dog couch

Superior Quality @ The Right Price – Mammoth has just released the ultimate in a dog couch. This couch is designed to last with repetitive double stitching. The bolster stays propped up on the pillow base that is filled with a high memory engineered fiber fill. The feel of this dog couch is like laying on feathers.  High memory foam is also available on this designer dog couch. Let your dog curl along the extra large bolsters and feel the comfort that Mammoth offers. Washing is a breeze and covers can be removed simply by removing the pillow and separate bolster which are lined in a durable polypropylene.

We know that your dog will be happy with this  dog couch and you will love the comfort a Mammoth provides over the competition.

Choose Mammoth today!


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