Jealous Dogs

Dog owners that have two (or more!) dogs tend to find that their dogs will become jealous of each other.  Each will clamour for attention, begging to be petted just as much as the other.  Small dogs especially can become very competitive for their owners’ attention. Just remember, though, that you have more than one dog!  Dogs need love and care just as much as children do, so don’t neglect one to favour the other.


2 thoughts on “Jealous Dogs

  • My boyfriend died of a massive heart attack a few days ago. We had been together 5 years. I have a yellow lab, 8yrs old and my boyfriend had one of his sons, a 4 yr old black lab. Both males, both nutered. I now have the black lab, but he and my yellow lab do not tolerate each other. The black is dominant, which is so against the yellow, because he’s oldest and it’s his territory the black has come to. The black wants to sleep on the yellow’s bed, take his toys away from him… just being aggressive. The black is mourning so I’m not sure how to handle this.

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