Flea And Tick Season For Dogs Again

Well as the title sais, it’s flea and tick season again. That’s good news for most of us as the snow is all gone. We can now look forward to sun filled days, frolicking in the wild with our dogs and getting lots of sun.

Just one thing you should do every year, get flea, tick and heart warm prevention yearly. Ticks can hide anywhere and especially in tall grass. Fleas lay eggs and some of those eggs can jump on your dog. Once this happens, you will see your dog scratching like crazy and probably creating hot spots. Hot spots are irritated areas on your dog’s skin. Your dog will scratch or lick the skin profusely until it gets red and infected. You don’t want to get to that stage. This means a visit to the vet for an antibiotic.

It’s best to pick up an easy to apply flea and tick medication such as advantage and apply monthly. You can forget about the vet bills and most of all, you will feel comfortable knowing that your dog is safe from harm.


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