Dogs Loyal To Their Master And Beyond

Another dog story worthy of a movie.

There have been numerous stories of dogs who mourn the loss of their loved one. They even made a movie of it named Hachi. A dog who would follow his owner to the train station every morning and see him off to work, then he would return to the train station at the same time everyday and wait for his owners arrival, until one day when his owner never got off the train. Hachi stayed at the train station for the rest of his life faithfully awaiting his owners return. ln Malta, a similar story,  a 12 year old devoted German Shepherd is mourning the loss of his owner. When Maria passed away, Ciccio was at the funeral and attended the mass at the church of Santa Maria Assunta in San Donaci, Puglia, Malta. The grieving dog has been going to the church everyday for mass for the last Two months since his owners death. As a sign of respect, he goes to church every morning and sits beneath the alter near the priest. Ciccio would sit quietly and express his sadness and mourn her death by attending mass at the same church she was buried at.

Incredible loyalty.



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