Dog Treats

dog treats

While we all enjoy treating our dogs to a nice dog cookie or some human food once in a while, is it really all that good for them? For example, it is well known that dogs are allergic to chocolate and therefore as dog owners we avoid giving them chocolate, or leaving chocolate in a position they can access. But what about other foods? Each dog’s diet is specific to itself, but sometimes there are general rules for certain foods, like chocolate. So is giving a dog a dog biscuit detrimental to a dog’s health? Or giving them a piece of cheese, or some vegetables, or a piece of bread? Every dog will react individually to different foods, but keep in mind that while dog food may be recommended by a vet, dog cookies and “people” food usually aren’t. So keep an eye on what’s going into your dog’s mouths. No one wants to see their dog sick.


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  • Wolves predominately prey on hoofed animals including Deer, moose, Bison, Elk, and caribou. They have also been know to eat wild grass, fish, berries and small rodents. Because wolves usually hunt for large animals, (although wolves are opportunistic and will eat smaller prey) they work together to catch their prey. Wolves will eat a healthy, strong animal if they can catch it.

    I believe a meat diet is best for dogs much like wolves, however dogs have evolved and keeping a balance is key just like humans.

    In general, there are foods you don’t want to give your dog.
    Chocolate, fish bones, grapes, raisans, garbage, spoiled food, certain nuts, onions garlic, mushrooms, string, and plastics.

    Table scraps should be kept to 10% of diet. Keep in mind that anything in large quanties could harm your dog. :em65:

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