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I know it’s spring, but I just want to bring you back to snow and cool you off for 5 min.

While vacationing this winter with our family, we decided to do something out of the ordinary and try dog sledding. It was something I have always wanted to try just for the experience. When we arrived they gave us an orientation, and let us select our team of dogs, we got to help harness them up, and off we went.  We actually got to drive our own team of dogs, a much easier task than first expected; it really is for all ages. Going uphill took a little effort as you need to help assist the team of dogs, but most of the time you are just gliding along enjoying the scenery. And the dogs really love it to, with all the exercise they get, they are built and bred to pull. It is amazing how happy they are doing their job, something we could all learn from. Dogs truly are amazing creatures.

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