Dog Fears And Counter Measures

A thunderstorm turns your Golden Retriever into a quivering mass. A car ride for your Maltese to the vet’s office makes him shiver or violent. You count yourself lucky if you don’t sustain injuries, or get frustrated. How about a trip to the groomer, you need to spend more on a dog that is difficult to handle.

Like people, some pets become phobic…irrationally frightened of the simplest things, such as unfamiliar people, places or animals. Other common scaremongers are loud noises, like fireworks  or gunfire.

To keep your pet calm and the fears in check, here’s what vets recommend.

While your instincts tell you to throw your arms around a panicking dog, it’s usually better to take a step back. A fearful dog often lashes out aggressively.

Don’t try to interact with your dog, wait until he has calmed down first. Help him relax.. you can’t do yoga or deep breathing exercises, but there are other relaxing things you can help him do.

Try putting your dog through some familiar ground he learned in training or places visited. Practice commands like sitting, lying down or something like that. Doing something familiar will help him relax. Plus, seeing you calm and collected will give him the signal that everything is ok, no need to panic. My owner is calm, I am calm….


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