Dog Dancing?


Have you ever danced with your dog? Rumba with your retriever, polka with your poodle, or samba with your Scottish terrier in Japan, where dog dancing is the latest must-do activity in this canine-crazy nation.

Dancing lessons for pets joins a long list of things to do with your animal companion in a country where the pet industry is worth one trillion yen (nearly $9.5 billion) and where dog hotels, cafes and even dog-friendly cars are the norm.

At dance class “Wan Nyan World,” which literally means “Woof Meow” in Japanese, dog-lovers and their reluctant partners do a little waltz and a little dog-trot to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”

“Whether it’s a Chihuahua or a big St. Bernard, if you have the right music and moves, any dog can dance. Even age doesn’t matter,” said 51-year-old Mayumi Ozuma, who teaches the class.

“Dog dancing allows owners and their dogs to show their individuality.”


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